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Memories That Stick: Refrigerator Magnets from Around the World

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Memories That Stick: Refrigerator Magnets from Around the World
Are they a bit cheesy? Sure. But refrigerator magnets can turn snack breaks into reminders of trips around the globe. Click through the slideshow to check out nine magnificent magnets that will take you from the Buenos Aires to Singapore to Israel and beyond.

Photo by Alex Palomino
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    Make Australia the destination for your next wine country vacation. Head for Margaret River near Perth, the Barossa Valley near Adelaide, or the Hunter Valley near Sydney

    Plan Your Trip: Australia

    Photo by Alex Palomino
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    Puerto Rico
    San Juan is in the midst of an electrifying street art movement. Follow @color_libre on Instagram to find new works and get the stories behind them.

    Plan Your Trip: Puerto Rico

    Photo by Alex Palomino
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    Go in September 2017 for Restival Arizona, a digital detox that’s run in partnership with several Navajo families on the border of their reservation near Flagstaff. It’s a rare opportunity to experience a legit sweat lodge, take workshops on stargazing and other cultural practices, and kick back with tribe members surrounded by wild mesa scenery.

    Plan Your Trip: Arizona

    Photo by Alex Palomino
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    On its just-launched nonstop flights from the West Coast, Singapore Airlines offers new A350 jets with humidified cabins and LED lighting options 
to fight jet lag.

    Plan Your Trip: Singapore

    Photo by Alex Palomino
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    Buenos Aires
    Capitalize on the friendly exchange rate at a fresh crop of new-school Argentinian restaurants. Try Chori for chimichurri chorizo and Proper for wood-fired pork dishes.

    Plan Your Trip: Buenos Aires

    Photo by Alex Palomino
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    On March 11, Brussels will celebrate “Museum Night Fever.” More than 20 museums will stay open late and host concerts, fashion shows, art installations, interactive games, and other events. Then everyone will head to the huge afterparty.

    Plan Your Trip: Belgium

    Photo by Alex Palomino
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    The city of Eilat hosts its first yoga festival January 19–21. Spend the days practicing yoga and meditation and the evenings dancing and cruising the Red Sea. 

    Plan Your Trip: Israel

    Photo by Alex Palomino
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    Original japan magnet.jpg?1479166261?ixlib=rails 0.3
    It’s always a good time to visit Japan. But go in spring to join in hanami, the tradition of welcoming the season by picnicking beneath the cherry blossoms.
    Plan Your Trip: Japan

    Photo by Alex Palomino
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    South Africa
    South Africa is fast becoming an adventure capital. Hike or drive a 4x4 and spot elephants and lions at Addo Elephant National Park or spend an adrenaline-pumping afternoon watching cars or motorcycles compete at the Zwartkops Raceway.

    Plan Your Trip: South Africa

    Photo by Alex Palomino
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