Los Cabos Dining

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Los Cabos Dining
Given its location, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Los Cabos is all about seafood. It has great surf-inspired dishes, for sure, but its farm-to-table dining is fantastic, and expats have brought many cultural influences to bear on local dishes.
By Julie Schwietert Collazo, AFAR Local Expert
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    Family-Run Wineries
    A portion of the Baja California peninsula is planted with vines yielding grapes that are turned into Mexico's finest wines. Visitors are often thrilled at the prospect of visiting Baja's wineries, since many of them are small, family-run affairs, so tours are friendly and personalized; furthermore, Mexican wines are often unfamiliar to visitors, as production levels are fairly low and bottles aren't exported in any great quantity. Visit Cabo Wine and Jazz Club for a cellar tour or tasting before eating at their on-site surf-and-turf restaurant.
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    Organic Eating in Cabo
    Baja California is one of Mexico's key farming areas, and its Mediterranean climate makes it ideal for growing many types of fruits and vegetables. Organic farming is popular here, as you can see—and taste—at Huerta Los Tamarindos, a small working farm that exports some of its goods to the United States. Among the bounty that remains, some is sold to local chefs, while the rest is served at the farm's own restaurant. Game, such as rabbit, and seafood, from the nearby Sea of Cortéz, can be enjoyed on a terrace overlooking the fields. The restaurant has a small but well-chosen wine list, specializing in Mexican bottles. The Huerta also offers cooking classes and farm tours for visitors who want an even more personal and in-depth experience.
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    A Taste of Baja at La Cava
    La Cava, one of several on-site restaurants at Las Ventanas al Paraíso Resort, offers an upscale, exclusive, and intimate dining experience in a luxurious setting. In addition to "special arrangement" private dinners that you can book for a group, La Cava offers weekly tasting dinners on Friday and Saturday nights, for no more than 14 guests at a time. The five-course menu, which changes weekly based on available seafood and fresh-from-the-farm produce, is intended to showcase local and regional ingredients and flavors, and the wine pairings feature domestic Mexican vintages.
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    Farm-to-Table Dining at Flora's
    Its name—Flora's Field Kitchen—does a good job of summing up the setting of this farm-to-table restaurant, where the tables are practically in the field. You do, in fact, have to walk through a part of the farm to get to the open-air dining area, where you can expect to be served farm-fresh craft cocktails (a favorite is the Farmarita, a margarita made with carrot juice) and creative, contemporary fare cooked from the farm's own produce. Even though the restaurant is a good bit off the beaten track (literally—it's off a dirt road), dinner and brunch are always popular and require reservations.
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    Traditional Mexican
    With all of the international influence in Los Cabos, it can seem, at times, like a challenge to find authentic Mexican food. The spot to do so, though, is at Las Cazuelas del Don, in San José del Cabo. This affordable, friendly spot consistently receives rave reviews, with particular praise given to its tortilla soup and other clay pot–cooked creations. Another favorite among locals and visitors is Las Guacamayas, which also specializes in authentic Mexican dishes, served at affordable prices. Both restaurants prepare a version of a dish called the volcano: a sturdy tortilla heaped with meat and cheese.
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    Vegetarian and Vegan Food
    Sticking to a vegetarian or vegan diet isn't especially difficult in Los Cabos, especially when compared to other parts of Mexico. With a significant number of expats and such close proximity to farm-fresh produce, vegetables enjoy pride of place on many menus. Flora's Field Kitchen has many vegetarian- and vegan-friendly entrees, including cauliflower steaks; Cynthia Fresh Organic Restaurant is an ideal spot for a quick lunch, as is Penny Lane Cafe, which has excellent fresh juices and hummus. Dreams Los Cabos Resort has a chef concierge who is happy to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and other special dietary requests.
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    Cabo's Seafood Scene
    With proximity to both the Sea of Cortéz and the Pacific Ocean, it's no wonder that seafood features heavily on Los Cabos menus. However, since so many restaurants specialize in exceptional seafood, prepared simply from the finest, freshest catch, it's difficult to say which seafood restaurant is the "best" in the area. You can start by trying whole grilled octopus at Mariscos El Torito, or ceviche and oysters at Las Mariscadas. Many chefs are also happy to prepare your own freshly caught fish according to your specifications; ask your hotel concierge for restaurants where this service is offered.
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    Rick Bayless Recommends
    Rick Bayless isn't Mexican by birth, but many of the diners who have eaten at his Mexican restaurants in Chicago would agree that he's at least earned an honorary title, given his fluency in translating Mexican flavors for an American audience. While filming the eighth season of his popular PBS show, Mexico: One Plate at a Time, Bayless traveled the length of the peninsula and offered up a list of his favorite Cabo spots. They include Edith's, which has an excellent view of El Arco; Los Michoacanos, famous for its pork carnitas (literally meaning "little meats," this is a way of serving braised or roasted, and then fried, meat); and Baja Brewing Company, which pairs craft ales with pizza.
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    Breads, Bakeries, and Bistros
    Los Cabos is home to a number of bakeries and bistros that turn out warm loaves of organic bread and all sorts of pastries, from local Mexican favorites like conchas (sweet, shell-shaped breads) to French classics. The Cabo Bakery is beloved for its delicious fresh breads, as well as for its cinnamon buns and turnovers. French Riviera, headed by French chef Jacques Chretien, carries the three C's: chocolate, choux (pastry), and crepes; it also has plenty of other treats—including cakes, candies, cookies, and truffles—and serves breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea.
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