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Life-Saving Gifts for the Frequent Flyer

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Life-Saving Gifts for the Frequent Flyer
What to get for the person who goes everywhere? It’s a unique challenge, but we’re here to face it with you. There are some things that most frequent flyers appreciate—generally related to upgrading their flying time in one way or another—so that’s a good place to start. We’ve sourced 10 carry-on items we airport lounging, mileage earning, TSA pre-checked travelers might be asking for ourselves.
Courtesy of White and Warren
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    Cashmere Eye Mask
    What’s worse than missing out on in-flight shut-eye? This 100 percent cashmere eye mask is lined with silk that blocks outside light. $85 from White and Warren
    Courtesy of White and Warren
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    Sleep Well Pillow
    Hay’s Sleep Well brings cool Scandinavian design to the usually uncool travel pillow, providing sleek and soft neck support for travelers on the go. $45 from Hay
    Courtesy of Hay
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    The Neat Matcha Stick Box
    These organic matcha packets are lifesavers for long hauls. They enhance mood, bring calm focus, and boost immunity—at 30,000 feet or on the ground. $35 from CAP Beauty
    Courtesy of CAP Beauty
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    Poketo Rule/One
    It’s a ruler, it’s a pen, it’s a bookmark! The interchangeable Poketo Rule/One does it all and is small enough to go just about anywhere. $60 from Poketo
    Courtesy of Poketo
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    A true globetrotter’s stocking stuffer, Mack’s earplugs mold to the contours of your ears, making them as comfortable as they are vital. $4 from Mack
    Courtesy of Mack
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    Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol
    With this rose-petal infused, paraben-free, travel-sized spritzer, long-haul travelers will touch down looking fresh and revived, no matter the destination. $25 from Aesop
    Courtesy of Aesop
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    The Margarita Carry On Cocktail Kit
    The latest traveling cocktail kit has all you need for two in-flight Margaritas (even salt!). With this in your carry-on, coach will feel more like Cancun. $24 from W&P Design
    Courtesy of W&P Design
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    Vim & Vigr Compression Socks
    These fun compression socks for men and women prove you can be fashion-forward while increasing leg circulation on long flights. $33 from Vim & Vigr
    Courtesy of Vim & Vigr
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    Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Wired Headphones
    Noise reduction, 15 hours of battery life, interchangeable earbuds, and a cool, comfortable design—any explorer’s ideal in-ear companion$46 from TaoTronics
    Courtesy of TaoTronics
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    These soft, sophisticated Tunisian-made towels, can be used as a wrap, blanket, and . . . yes, a towel. Perfect for the carry-on-only traveler. $46 from Fouta Lifestyle
    Courtesy of Fouta Lifestyle
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