Is the #Selfeet the New #Selfie?

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    Stockholm, Sweden
    @ihavethisthingwithfloors, an Instagram account curated in Amsterdam, shares #selfeets from all around the world, such as this one taken in Stockholm. Their motto? “When feet meet nice floors take a #selfeet.”
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    Langkawi, Malaysia
    @mybitchyrestingface took this #selfeet in Langkawi. Not long after, she snapped a #selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower. This globetrotter is on top of her trends.
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    Bangkok, Thailand
    This striking floor caught @emily_lush’s eye while she was in Bangkok. She titled the shot “Lotus Love”—we don’t think we could sum it up much better than that.
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    Jeju Island, South Korea
    @leedslily captured this adorable Hello Kitty tile arrangement in South Korea. Does that mean she made a local friend?
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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    @tessavdbaan fell in love with this striking tile arrangement in the design lover’s paradise of Copenhagen—and she’s not the only one.
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    Paris, France
    The French word “bon”—displayed in this tile arrangement in Paris—translates to “good” in English. In our opinion, this #selfeet, taken by @michsat, is better than good—it’s great.
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    Manhattan, Kansas, USA
    This vibrant #selfeet, taken in Kansas, proves that excitement can be found anywhere. @kelswolf titled the shot “Don’t be boring.” Enough said.
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    Santa Fe, Argentina
    When she’s not drawing amazing sketches of the cityscapes in front of her, @caroestelles is snapping #selfeets around the world, such as this one in Argentina. We’re mesmerized by the design!
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    Dubai, UAE
    @carriec’s Instagram feed is always bursting with color, such as this photo of the bright tile floor in Dubai’s Burj Al Arab.
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    According to a study commissioned by the British Council, Singaporeans are the fastest walkers in the world! @jsnjnr slowed down for a moment to capture this amazing tile floor.
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    Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    When your outfit matches the floor beneath you, snap a shot like @emily_lush did in Cambodia.
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    Cancún, Mexico
    @ximenadecordova’s image of this Mexican mosaic is giving us major ocean vibes, which is totally fitting, because the Great Mayan Barrier Reef in Cancún is the second largest coral reef in the world. (Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the largest, of course.)
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    Panama City, Panama
    @jessyeaibel thinks that Panama’s Casco Viejo has the best floors, and from the looks of this photo, we’re inclined to agree.
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    Hoi An, Vietnam
    According to @hauteculturefashion, “Hoi An’s beauty is up, down and all around.” We couldn’t have said it any better.
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    Sydney, Australia
    Contrary to popular fantasy, you won’t find only sandy beaches in Sydney, Australia. If you look in the right places, as @noorofmyeyes did, you’ll find beautiful mosaics, too.
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    Istanbul, Turkey
    Istanbul sure knows how to make beautiful patterns, and this #selfeet taken by @denizsaatcioglu is all the proof we need.
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    Hong Kong, China
    You’d never guess it, but this shot by @camillamount was actually taken in an IKEA in Hong Kong, which proves that if you shift your perspective, you can find beauty all around you!
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    Rotterdam, Netherlands
    @tessavdbaan captured this fun mosaic in the Netherlands, and we’re in awe!
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    Abu Dhabi, UAE
    The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is made of materials such as marble, gold, semiprecious stones, and crystals. Even its floors are decadent, like this one captured by @msatomicbomb7.

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    Fez. Morocco
    @gamechangergal explored the beautiful colors of Morocco and found a floor that matched her shoes perfectly. Now that’s what we call fitting in with your surroundings!
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    Miami, Florida, USA
    Welcome to Miami: Have a dirty martini, or just find this tile floor and take a #selfeet as @efrainbueres did.
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    Havana, Cuba
    Dancing salsa in Cuba is a lot easier when you have colorful tiles (like the ones @lucylaucht snapped in this photo) to put an extra hop in your step.
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    Osijek, Croatia
    We’re calling this shot—captured in Croatia by @ljupka_tanevska—“Lions, tiles, and #selfeets—oh my!”
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