Global Goods

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Global Goods
Designers found inspiration in Jaipur, Los Angeles, and beyond to produce our favorite objects this season.
Image courtesy of Normann-Copenhagen
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    Lumberjack Candleholders
    Danish designer Simon Legald
uses the classic technique of wood- turning to craft each candleholder from a single piece of wood. A built-in weight at the bottom ensures stability on the table. From $27,
    Image courtesy of Normann-Copenhagen
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    Kenzo Sneakers
    Kenzo’s Spring/ Summer collection is an ode 
to California, 
the ocean, and the music scene in 1980s Los Angeles. Price on request,
    Image courtesy of Kenzo
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    Rombus Lamp
    Laura Aviva, the founder of L’Aviva Home, collaborates with a generations- old workshop in Granada, Spain, to produce these geometric lanterns in three sizes. The Rombus lamp is made in a Spanish workshop founded in 1911. From $485,
    Image courtesy of L'Aviva Home
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    Rozen Rug
    A trip to Jaipur, India, inspired 
Suki Cheema’s newest collection. The pattern on this rug recalls a carving the designer saw in the 18th-century Jaigarh Fort.
 $998 for a 5 x 8 foot rug,
    Image courtesy of Suki Cheema
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    Shinola Runwell Watch
by craftspeople in Detroit, Michigan, from 84 Swiss-made components, the Shinola Runwell Chronograph has an alligator band and a stopwatch function. The leather used in the strap is made at Horween Leather Company of Chicago, which dates to 1905. $950,
    Image courtesy of Shinola
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    Vianel V3 Cardholder
    Vianel Studios, a minimalist brand based in New York City, makes elegant cardholders that come in more than a dozen hues. From $250 including personalization,
    Image courtesy of Vianel