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Gifts for the Consummate Reader

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Gifts for the Consummate Reader
Need the perfect novel for someone who has been everywhere and read everything? Itching to recreate the mouth-watering fried artichoke from that tiny place you stumbled upon your last night in Rome? These books will be the perfect armchair traveling companions—to give away, or keep for yourself.
By Yutaka Dirks
Courtesy of Simon & Schuster
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    “The Mountain” by Paul Yoon
    These short stories move from the Hudson Valley to Shanghai and the Iberian Penisula. Told in simple prose, they evoke a novel’s worth of feeling. $25
    Courtesy of Simon & Schuster
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    “The New York Times: Footsteps”
    Not every muse is a person—some are places. Footsteps unveils the inspirations behind great literary creations, from Fitzgerald’s French Riviera to Ferrante’s Naples. From $11
    Courtesy of Penguin Random House
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    “Chandigarh Revealed: Le Corbusier’s City Today” by Shaun Fynn
    Supplemented by maps and essays, Fynn’s photographs offer a sweeping view of the Indian city designed by French-Swiss master architect Le Corbusier. $60
    Courtesy of Princeton Architectural Press
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    “How to Drink French Fluently” by Drew Lazor
    Celebrity bartenders offer their favorite St.-Germain-based cocktails for any time of day: from the “East of Eden” for brunch to the “Cooper’s Nightcap.” From $13
    Courtesy of Penguin Random House
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    “The Silver Spoon: Naples and the Amalfi Coast”
    Silver Spoon cookbooks are bibles of Italian cooking and this is the latest must-have from the collection, with traditional recipes from the Amalfi Coast. $40
    Courtesy of Phaidon
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    “Smörgasbord: The Art of Swedish Breads and Savory Treats” by Johanna Kindvall
    These Swedish baking and cooking recipes, from traditional Deviled Eggs to Elderflower Cured Trout, are perfect for a night of Scandinavian-style entertaining. $12
    Courtesy of Penguin Random House
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    “What We Lose” by Zinzi Clemmons
    After the death of her mixed-race South African mother, a young woman navigates grief, race, and culture in America. Smart, inventive, humorous, and haunting. $16
    Courtesy of Penguin Random House
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    “Sing, Unburied, Sing” by Jesmyn Ward
    In the humid beauty of the Gulf Coast, and with the painful histories there, an African-American family travels to greet their white father. $26
    Courtesy of Simon & Schuster
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    "Affections” by Rodrigo Hasbún
    This is the true story of a German family in Bolivia after World War II. The father searches for a lost Inca city, and a daughter joins Che Guevara’s insurgency. $15
    Courtesy of Amazon
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    “Exit West” by Mohsin Hamid
    In an unnamed country gripped by civil war, two lovers find a portal to the West. It’s one of the most acclaimed novels of 2017. $17
    Courtesy of Penguin Random House
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    “Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry” by Rosalie K. Fry
    Living in Scotland’s Western Isles with her grandparents, a girl discovers a link between the mythic half-seal, half-human selkies and her missing brother. $16
    Courtesy of Penguin Random House
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    “Scandinavians: In Search of the Soul of the North” by Robert Ferguson
    An excavation of Scandinavian history overturns the image of Vikings and melancholy winter landscapes. Told by a talented storyteller with curiosity and insight. $35
    Courtesy of The Overlook Press
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    “I Heart Rome: Recipes & Stories From the Eternal City” by Maria Pasquale
    Readers will find mouthwatering, local recipes from the historic city, the stories behind them, and beautiful photography in this cookbook, which should be savored one page at a time. $33
    Courtesy of Simon & Schuster
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    “Vacationland: True Stories from Painful Beaches” by John Hodgman
    A deadpan memoir from a Daily Show correspondent. No “fake facts,” Hodgman speaks truths on such topic as how to survive your forties and Maine’s (apparently) vengeful beaches. $15
    Courtesy of Penguin Random House
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    “Endurance: A Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery” by Scott Kelly
    Imagine spending 365 days in space. Astronaut Scott Kelly has. An inspiring memoir for both space buffs and existentially minded travelers. $20
    Courtesy of Penguin Random House
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    “The New Paris: The People, Places & Ideas Fueling a Movement” by Lindsey Tramuta
    The Paris you won’t see on postcards: Tramuta and photographer Charissa Fay illuminate what’s new in food, fashion, and design in the City of Light. $30
    Courtesy of Abrams
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    “American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West” by Nate Blakeslee
    The story of O-Six, a Yellowstone wolf at the center of a debate over America’s wild spaces and those who call these landscapes home. $25
    Courtesy of Penguin Random House
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    “Claridge’s: The Cookbook”
    Learn what makes this storied hotel tick, as well as the secrets to its signature dishes such as the famous holiday mince pies. $40
    Courtesy of Claridges
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    What’s Next . . .
    Courtesy of Masters of Malt