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Get Outdoors in Panama

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Get Outdoors in Panama
Dream beaches, jungles, parks, virgin archipelagos…if Panama’s biodiversity merits a full museum, it also merits our in-person appreciation. Urban pleasures, too, can be enjoyed from shady terraces and exuberant gardens.
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    The Canal, but Easy
    The first reason for leaving your hotel is to visit Panama’s emblematic Canal. Give yourself time to understand how it actually works, take in its spectacular sunsets, and then wrap with a delicious dinner at Atlantic & Pacific Co.
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    The Casco Viejo
    One of Panama’s greatest pleasures is to wander the Casco Viejo, where the city was founded in 1763, following a pirate attack that left a previous settlement in ruins. Today it’s still home to dazzling architecture, lots of history, and the must-do Canal Museum. When night falls, there are bars and great terraces for sipping something cool and enjoying vistas from on high: Casco Viejo by Night.
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    History Lessons
    Today Panamá La Vieja is a marvelous city park, but it’s also where the original Panama City stood until buccaneer Henry Morgan reduced it to rubble. The old church’s bell tower is entirely romantic as are all the other structures still standing. You’ll also get a glimpse of some major history by climbing Cerro Ancón, where Old Glory once waved (the hill was under U.S. jurisdiction from 1903–1977). Gorgeous Casco Viejo views served absolutely free.
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    Unspoiled Beaches—and We Mean It
    When it comes to Eden-like beaches, few can compare to those on the Guna Yala archipelago. But be forewarned: this paradise is natural, deserted, and mostly undeveloped. Creature-comfort lovers should switch to plan B.
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    Al Fresco Dining on Rooftops and Terraces
    Nights are the best part of Panama’s tropical climate. For proof, head to some open-air enjoyment in Casco Viejo by night, at the Multiplaza Terraces or Isla Flamenco, the small island that lies at the end of the Calzada de Amador.
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    Beach and Bosk, Within City Limits
    Nature-loving Panamanians have plenty to be thankful for. For one, there’s the amazing Parque Natural Metropolitano, not to mention breathtaking white-sand beaches on nearby Taboga Island.