Food Experiences that Happen Only in Hawaii

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Food Experiences that Happen Only in Hawaii
Oahu's lush landscapes and tropical climate are not only suited to outdoor adventures, but also to cultivating all kinds of uniquely delicious produce. With these pure farm-to-table ingredients grown under the most pristine conditions, 365 days a year, treats on Oahu won’t disappoint. So send your palate off the beaten path to discover the island’s flourishing food scene. You won’t need a menu to uncover mouth-watering experiences when you “Let Hawaii Happen” with these local favorites, from shave ice to poke.
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    The Local Hawaii
    Shave ice is Hawaii’s go-to refreshing treat, and The Local Hawaii in Kailua does it right—using all-natural island ingredients for its homemade syrups. Start your taste testing with the Kula Strawberry then hit the nearby beach and come back for seconds.
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    The Royal Hawaiian
    Cocktails at the Royal Hawaiian, an iconic Waikiki hotel, are ono (delicious). Chef Jon Matsubara’s creations include the Passion Chili Shooter: lilikoi (passion fruit) and Hawaii chili pepper tequila shots with a li hing mui-powdered rim. Sweet, acidic, and lava hot—this drink rocks.
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    Leonard’s Bakery
    Warm malasadas—Portuguese-style fried doughnuts—filled with lilikoi (passion fruit) and haupia (coconut) custard are the specialty at this Honolulu institution. Don’t leave without ordering at least two; you’ll thank us later.

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    Haleiwa Bowls
    Acai bowls made with fresh ingredients, no added sugars, and no dairy are seriously habit forming. When on Oahu’s North Shore, do as the locals do and start your day by fueling up here with a large bowl of goodness.
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    Ono Seafood
    No matter how you dice it, nothing compares to sampling poke in the Hawaiian Islands. It is after all, where this raw fish dish originated. Try a few iterations—spicy, octopus, and shoyu (soy sauce)—at no-frills Ono Seafood, a Honolulu favorite.
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    Hawaii Food & Wine Festival
    More than 100 master chefs, culinary personalities, and wine and spirit producers gather on Hawaii for this annual festival spread across multiple islands over three weekends. Sample your way through the morning’s freshest catch, coffee-infused savory selections, and treats such as mango crème fraiche and coconut-lime caramels. And don’t forget about the drinks—as colorful as the sunsets and as refreshing as the trade winds.
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