Every Disneyland Ride in a Single Day? Yes way.

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Every Disneyland Ride in a Single Day? Yes way.
How to go on every Disneyland ride in one day
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    Every Disneyland Ride in a Single Day? Yes way.
    Making the pilgrimage to Disneyland typically means accepting that you won't be able to see everything—there are tons of rides, long lines, and you're only human. Experiencing every single ride can't be done, right? Wrong! We've found a way to pack all the magic into a single day. From basic tips to specific routes, we have you covered. We have some guidelines, tips before you embark on your magical journey, and then break each part of the park down into the most efficient plan possible. Don't believe us? Well, you'll just have to try for yourself.

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    1. More Guidelines Than Actual Rules
    Not all attractions are created equal
    This is one AFARian’s advice on how to hit every ride in Anaheim’s Disneyland, not every attraction. Rolling down Main Street in a horse-drawn streetcar and watching a show at the Enhcanted Tiki Room are attractions, but, for the purpose of this rundown, not rides.

    No Magic Morning Hour
    Okay, so you technically can use 7-8am to power through a number of attractions, but considering Magic Morning Hour is only available to guests who either have a 3-day ticket or are staying at one of Disney’s three resorts, that feels a bit like cheating.

    Avoid peak days
    Weekends, holidays, and summer draw peak crowds at Disneyland Resort. Tuesday and Wednesday are the calmest, but any non-summer weekday will do for this challenge.

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    2. What to Know Before You Go
    Extra cozy kicks
    You’ll be on your feet for 16 hours and walking close to 20 miles. While a pair of super cute Little Mermaid flats may prompt more compliments, your feet will be screaming for arch support before lunch. Do yourself a favor and pick the most comfortable shoes you own for this endeavor.

    Pack light
    Core essentials include your wallet for the requisite churro, your phone to document the experience (pics or it didn’t happen), a bottle of water to stay hydrated in sunny SoCal, and…that’s about it. The less you carry around, the better; even a three-pound purse can feel like a bowling ball by the end of the day.

    Fast Pass and single rider lines
    If you’ve never used these features before, read about them ahead of time as they’ll be your best friends on game day.

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    3. First Fast Pass of the Day
    Swing by Tomorrowland and grab a Fast Pass for Star Tours. The stand-by wait time is temptingly short at 8am, but in order to fit every ride into a single day, the first you hop on will be at the next stop.

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    4. Fantasyland
    I know, I know. What about Space Mountain? Splash Mountain? You’re supposed to knock out the big lines first! If you’re cherry picking rides, that’s absolutely the go-to strategy. However, if you’re planning to go on every ride, Fantasyland is actually a better first stop. There are no Fast Passes or single rider lines here, and the queues can get up to an hour each by the early afternoon. Your best bet is to check the storybook rides off your list before the youngest riders flood this area with their parents. Start with Peter Pan’s Flight and work in a clockwise loop to minimize the amount of time you spend zigzagging and end with the King Arthur Carousel for a look at all the ground you’ve already covered. Take the back way to Tomorrowland (toward Alice in Wonderland rather than through the castle) and hop on Matterhorn before you get to Tomorrowland Terrace.

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    5. Tomorrowland
    By the time you’re done with Fantasyland, you’ll most likely be in the return time window for Star Tours. Head to Space Mountain for your next Fast Pass so you can speed through Star Tours and have time to hit the other rides—the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, Autopia, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, and Astro Orbitors—before the return time for Space Mountain. The biggest drag here will be Autopia, no contest. Finding Nemo's line is manageable in the morning, but the line for Autopia often lasts 60-90 minutes, has no Fast Pass or single rider, and doesn’t always open at the same time as the rest of the park. Thankfully, it’s the only extra-long wait on this route.

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    6. Frontierland, Critter Country, and New Orleans Square
    Now things get a little crazy. Take the Disneyland Railroad from Tomorowland to New Orleans Square and go straight to Thunder Mountain for a Fast Pass, then make a beeline for Splash Mountain’s single-rider line. On your way back from Critter Country to New Orleans Square, hop on Winnie the Pooh to dry off a bit before heading to the extra chilling Haunted Mansion. Once the 999 ghosts release you, you can use your Fast Pass for Thunder Mountain and catch your breath on Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Bonus attractions: The gray area of the rides-attractions venn diagram includes Davey Crocket’s Explorer Canoes, the Sailing Ship Columbia, Mark Twain’s Riverboat, and the raft to Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island. If you're the kind of person to 100% everything, you won't want to miss these river treasures.

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    7. Adventureland
    This area only has two stops: Jungle Cruise and the Indiana Jones Adventure. There are no shortcuts for the former—not even through the back side of water—but the latter has a single rider line so cool that it feels like a park hack. It starts at the ride’s exit, meanders through faux ruins, takes you up and down a nifty pair of elevators, and lands you at the boarding area in less than 10 minutes. That’s even quicker than a Fast Pass can get you through!

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    8. Toontown
    Backtrack the short distance from Adventureland to the New Orleans Square train station and take the Disneyland Railroad to Mickey’s Toontown. Snag a Fast Pass for Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin, then make your way to Gadget’s Go Coaster and It’s a Small World. If you haven’t reached your Fast Pass return time after the getting everyone’s favorite song stuck in your head, visiting character homes like Goofy’s Playhouse and Donald’s Boat is a fun way to burn time until Roger Rabbit is ready for you.

    Pro tip: If the sun is getting low and you’re just wrapping up New Orleans Square, consider making your way to Toontown before tackling Adventureland. The toons close up around 9pm for the fireworks, whereas the adventurers stay open even after midnight.

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    9. The Home Stretch
    You’re almost done! Board the Disneyland Railroad to ride from Toontown to Tomorrowland, take a roundtrip spin on the Monorail, then hop on the train again to complete the Disney Railroad circuit. Your journey ends at Main Street, U.S.A., where you can catch the parade or fireworks, stroll into a shop for some old timey treats, or exit the park in favor of some well-earned rest.

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