Curaçao Beaches

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Curaçao Beaches
Curaçao has over 30 beaches, making it easy for even the pickiest visitor to turn their Caribbean fantasty into reality. Go snorkeling and kayaking, leap off a cliff into clear blue water, or venture to uninhabited Little Curaçao to unwind of the island's loneliest waterfront.
By Ashley Castle Pittman, AFAR Contributor
Photo by Ashley Castle
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    A Beach with a View
    Visitors and residents alike flock to Curaçao’s west coast for its peaceful waters and life changing sunsets. If you want to feel like you're on the edge of the earth, head to Playa Lagun for its remote vibe. Or keep going south to Playa Kenepa for snorkeling, people-watching, and sunbathing with the locals. Playa Porto Mari charges a $3 entrance fee, but it's worth it to dive deep or fly high (our fancy term for for parasailing).
    Photo by Ashley Castle
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    Romantic Beach Hideaways
    There's a reason the phrase "I like long walks on the beach" is a dating profile cliché, and Curaçao’s west side beaches reveal it. For an unapologetically romantic getaway, stay near secluded Playa Forti or Playa Porto Mari. Want to honyemood like a celebrity? Book a day at Baoase Luxury Report to get the VIP treatment.
    Photo by Ashley Castle
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    Family-Friendly Beaches
    On Sundays, you'll find people of all ages picnicking and barbecuing on Westpunt's beaches. This spectacular stretch is perfect for families who want to relax together or embark on a tropical adventure. Try Playa Port Mari's shallow, clear waters for snorkeling, Playa Lagun's quiet cove, or Playa Kenepa's friendly vibe, with cheap snacks sold right by the entrance. For a couple hours of exploring (or doing absolutely nothing) without the kids, check out The Renaissance Curacao Resort: They offer childcare.
    Photo courtesy of Lions Dive & Beach Resort
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    Beach Adventures
    Can't wait to get in the water? You can snorkel, dive, and even kayak on most of the island's western shore beaches. Or if you feel like staying on land, Playa Porto Mari has three hiking and biking trails your can explore right from the beach parking lot. To work off some Curaçao's amazing food, hike for an hour through Shete Boka National Park's jaw-dropping cliffs and turtle nesting beaches.
    Photo by Ashley Castle
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    Local Beach Life
    The best way to experience Curaçao like a local is to get away from the resorts, so rent a car and head to the western part of the island, where many locals have weekend houses. Try touring Playa Knip, Playa Porto Mari, and Playa Lagun, to see what beach life is like for the people who live here. Note that if you visit during the week, you will likely have these places to yourself, but make sure you stick around for a Sunday to experience an authentic vibe. This is the day that Curaçaoans gather on the beaches to eat, relax, socialize with their families and friends, and attempt a daring cliff dive or two.
    Photo by Ashley Castle
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    Beachfront Dining
    Perched on the edge of a cliff, the Blue View Sunset Terrace offers a spectacular view over Westpunt's irridescent turquoise waters, with Playa Forti directly below. The mood is chill and the atmosphere friendly, with a mix of visitors and residents. Try Karakter for a loungy atmosphere, or get as close as you can to the sea in Willemstad at BijBlauw. Book a table at Baoase and prepare for the swankiest waterside dining experience in Curaçao.
    Photo by Ashley Castle
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    Little Curaçao
    Curaçao has two land masses: the main island, and offshore Klein Curaçao (Little Curaçao). Located southeast of the mainland in the Caribbean Sea, Klein Curaçao is tiny—under two square miles—and uninhabited. So if you want to leave civilization behind, consider a day trip. You'll be assured of peace and quiet—the only structures on the tiny island are a few huts, an old lighthouse, and a beach house. Book passage on a private charter to avoid the large boat trips that head to the island throughout the week, and spend a day snorkeling and swimming off Klein Curaçao’s deserted beach.
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    Scuba Diving
    Divers fly thousands of miles to experience the Caribbean's unparralleled marine life, and Curaçao has numerous first-class dive sites, many of which are right off shore. If you need instruction, you won't have any trouble finding it. There are many schools and instructors all over the island. Playa Porto Mari has an on site dive shop, with shore dives to explore its double reef system, and the popular Dive Bus is located beside the Tugboat snorkel and dive site. You can also take a boat out to more remote locations on the west coast. Playa Lagun has an on site dive shop, as does Rancho Sobrino.
    Photo courtesy of Curaçao Tourist Board