Chiang Mai Outdoors

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Chiang Mai Outdoors
Chiang Mai is close to mountains and rivers and offers a variety of outdoor adventures, from trekking through the jungle with elephants and hill tribes to game fishing and river rafting.
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    Elephant Keeper for the Day
    Elephants have played an important role throughout Chiang Mai's history and are an enduring symbol of Thailand. They've been used in warfare, the logging industry, and even in the construction of temples such as Wat Doi Suthep. Following a ban on logging in 1989, most elephants today are used for tourism and entertainment purposes. You can become a mahout (elephant keeper) for a day and ride through the jungle at the Patara Elephant Farm, or visit the Elephant Nature Park to help abused animals recover in a safe haven.
    Photo by Daniel Nahabedian
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    Whitewater Rafting
    The mountainous regions around Chiang Mai are a natural venue for whitewater rafting, especially when the rivers swell with floodwater after the June–October rainy season. Although the waterways are quite narrow with few boulders and the rapids are pretty tame, the many twists and turns and the views through virgin forests more than make up for it. Most tour operators, such as Siam River Adventures or The Peak Adventure, will provide you with all equipment and allow you to combine your trip with other activities to complete your day. If whitewater rafting seems too intense, or you just don’t want to get wet, ask to go bamboo rafting along the quiet rivers to enjoy the scenery.
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    Game Fishing
    Although the sea is several thousand kilometers away, Chiang Mai is surrounded by numerous lakes and reservoirs that are popular for their beautiful backdrops and abundant large fish. Operators such as Big Game Fishing Adventure Tour and Dreamlake Fishing Adventure will take you out on a full day adventure where you can try to catch a giant snakehead fish or the famed Mekong catfish. If you have no experience, lessons are given on the spot. And don’t worry about carrying all those giant fish home and cleaning them: You’ll most likely just take a photo and release them back into the lake.
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    Trekking through the Mountains
    The north of Thailand—with its dense jungles and mountainous scenery—is a popular destination for adventure seekers. Head out to Doi Inthanon National Park, which is named for the tallest mountain in the country and contains numerous waterfalls, or drive up to Doi Chiang Dao and Doi Luang to hike numerous trails with limestone mountains as their beautiful backdrop. Treks can be arranged over multiple days and can be combined with activities such as rock climbing, rafting, elephant riding, or staying overnight in hill tribe villages and honing your survival skills.
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    The Night Safari Nocturnal Zoo
    Established by the government to promote tourism in Chiang Mai, the Night Safari is a nocturnal zoo hosting over 60 different species. Unlike in many traditional zoos, the natural day-night cycle of the animals is not reversed and they roam freely within natural enclosures that simulate their native habitats. Learn more about the residents during interactive exhibitions and hop on the evening bus to feed predators in the Savanna Zone. There are also day safaris available for those who have their evenings booked. A cheaper alternative is to visit the local zoo, which has playful giant pandas and the world’s longest tunnel aquarium.
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    Cool Off in Chiang Mai's Waterfalls
    Thanks to its elevation and heavy rainfall, the region around Chiang Mai is full of waterfalls. During weekends, locals often head out to picnic around popular spots such as Mae Sa Waterfall, about 30 minutes outside town and near Mae Rim. The tiered waterfalls might not be very tall, but they are spaced out enough to offer swimming spots for cooling down during the hottest part of the day. For a more unique experience, try walking up Bua Thong Waterfall, also known as Sticky Waterfall, thanks to its tiers of porous limestone that create traction with the skin and prevent sliding.
    Photo by Daniel Nahabedian
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    Fly through the Canopy
    Discover a different view of the Thai rain forests by zip-lining through the canopy. A few tour companies (such as the popular Flight of the Gibbon) offer zip line eco-adventures that include other activities such as abseiling, wildlife spotting, and crossing wobbly sky-bridges. Along the way, tour guides share their knowledge of the local flora and fauna. Part of the fee goes towards protecting the native gibbons and supporting rain forest conservation, which means tourists can have an enjoyable experience and contribute to a good cause at the same time.
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    Explore Chiang Mai on Two Wheels
    If you’re looking for a more relaxed outdoor adventure, explore the Old City and its surroundings by bicycle. Many shops, hotels, and even restaurants provide bike rentals by the hour or by the day, so you can meander past temples and along side streets at your leisure. Even though there are no bike lanes, getting around is fairly easy as there aren't many cars inside the Old City walls. Alternatively, book a Segway tour with a specialized agency like Segway Gibbon and enjoy a different perspective on town while learning about its history. You could also rent a scooter and explore the outskirts of the city, away from the tourist trail.
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