Chef Ed Kenny's Picks for Where to Eat, Shop, and Play in Honolulu

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Chef Ed Kenny's Picks for Where to Eat, Shop, and Play in Honolulu
Oahu native Ed Kenney raised some eyebrows when he chose the sleepy, untouristed Kaimuki neighborhood as the spot to open a restaurant. But it went so well, he did it again. And again. Start clicking to take the armchair tour of Ed’s favorite neighborhood stops.
Erin Kunkel
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    Mud Hen Water
    "Everything on my menu has a story: Green banana pastele is a Hawaiian dish influenced by a sort of tamale introduced by 19th-century Puerto Rican immigrants." Click here to save Mud Hen Water to your trip.
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    Leahi Health
    "The drinks at this smoothie bar are so packed with seasonal fruit that I need a toothpick for the seeds. The Jack Johnson is almond milk, kombucha, apple, banana, honey, and greens, and the Uluwatu, named after a big surf spot in Bali, is a mix of raw cacao, almond butter, and banana." Click here to add Leahi Health to your trip.
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    "Chef Lee Anne Wong took brunching to a new level with bold fusion dishes like congee rice porridge topped with Portuguese sausage and cinnamon-bacon croutons. Dumplings are her thing, and she always has a dumpling of the day, whether steamed or fried or in broth." Click here to at Koko Head Café to your trip.
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    Crack Seed Store
    "This tiny, throwback Chinese sweet shop is lined with large glass jars full of preserved plums dusted in lee hing mui⎯a powder made from dried salted plums⎯and other preserved and candied fruits. The place will be packed with kids every day after school lets out." Click here to add Crack Seed Store to your next trip.
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    Kaimuki Superette
    "My sandwich and coffee house has a sunny surf vibe. We serve casual lunch fare with produce from farmers and ranchers in the islands. Try the luganeca sausage and slow-roasted pork sandwiches, made with Shinsato pork raised on Oahu." Click here to add Kaimuki Superette to your next trip.
    Erin Kunkel
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    The Curb
    "Go here for some of the best coffee in town. Perfectly roasted, weighed, and timed pour-overs are a specialty. They use beans from artisanal roasters on the mainland, like Intelligentsia, alongside island-grown beans from Rusty’s Hawaiian and Big Island Coffee Roasters." Click here to add The Curb to your next trip.
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    "Light and airy, with a shabby-chic feel and an ocean and beach theme, this cool little boutique saved me last Christmas. You can find locally designed clothing and artwork, unique greeting cards, vintage bottles, and shells." Click here to add Sugarcane to your trip.
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    "When I opened Town in 2005, it had a Cal-Med menu inspired by Bay Area locavore pioneers Chez Panisse and Zuni Café. Over the last few years, though, we’ve really embraced indigenous Hawaiian ingredients, such as limu sea vegetables, kukui nut, and taro." Click here to add Town to your trip.
    Erin Kunkel
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    Happy Days
    "This cavernous Chinese restaurant serves one of the best dim sum brunches inHonolulu, and it’s packed every weekend morning. I love the traditional cart service where you point at what you want as they go by, because you know you can be seated and eating in under 10 minutes." Click here to add Happy Days to your trip.
    Erin Kunkel
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    Otto Cake
    "Believe it or not, the best cheesecakes in Hawaii are made by local punk rock icon “Otto,” who plays bass in a band called 86 List. They’re so light and creamy. He does all sorts of different flavors, but the standouts are the ones inspired by the islands, such as lilikoi and mango." Click here to add Otto Cake to your trip.
    Erin Kunkel
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    Surf 'n' Hula Hawaii
    "At the front of the Queen Theater, there are some antique stores, and it’s all basically classic Hawaiiana: hula girl lamps and old surfboards, vintage aloha shirts. I found a really cool wooden spoon there that I use to make risotto." Click here to add Surf 'n' Hula to your trip.
    Erin Kunkel