Best egg dishes in the country

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Best egg dishes in the country
Whether fried, scrambled, poached, or pickled, eggs are one of the most versatile foods around. There’s little to dislike about these oval refrigerator staples: They’re healthy (6 grams of protein apiece!), adaptable (see previous sentence), and delicious (ever dipped veggies in hollandaise?). And although they are easily cooked at home, we often like eggs best when someone else prepares them for us. Here, 15 unique egg-centric dishes around the United States that are well worth traveling for:
By Alina Polishuk, AFAR Contributor
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    San Francisco
    Craftsman and Wolves

    The Rebel Within, an aptly named creation from Craftsman and Wolves, looks innocuous enough. It’s just a regular muffin, right? A cheesy, savory muffin, dotted with sausage and chives. But cut into that spongy cake, and the “rebel”—a perfect, soft-boiled egg with a still-oozing yolk—reveals itself. It’s deliciously innovative, and it’s the stuff of Instagram dreams.

    Photo by William Werner

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    There is certainly no shortage of egg-topped menu items during brunch hours at Nido, a funky Mexican spot in Oakland. Our favorite, however, is the chilaquiles verdes con pollo, a dish that involves a pile of crispy tortilla chips, tender pulled chicken, and crema fresca. The poached egg that sits atop the whole thing might look like an accouterment, but the runny yolk adds a touch of richness to this already delicious plate.

    Photo by @j000stin

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    New York City
    Jack's Wife Freda

    At this cozy spot in SoHo, the traditionally red Israeli shakshuka gets a colorful twist. Instead of using tomatoes, the chefs at Jack’s Wife Freda blend up a green tomatillo sauce, crack a few fresh eggs into a skillet, and bake both to perfection. The result? A tangy and dip-worthy dish, served with a side of freshly toasted challah.

    Photo by Henry Hargreaves
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    New York City
    Jean Georges

    For those willing to dress up for their eggs, there is the oft dreamt about, rarely replicated caviar egg from Jean Georges. OK, it comes at a steep price (a $45 supplemental fee in addition to the price of the tasting menu is nothing to scoff at), but most who have tasted this egg would tell you: It’s totally worth it. When all is said and done, it’s small bite. But that cloud-like scrambled egg, that dollop of whipped vodka cream, and that pile of briny caviar is decadence in an eggshell.  

    Photo by ulterior epicure/Flickr
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    South Congress Café

    A favorite of the South and the Southwest, migas are a tasty egg scramble mixed up with peppers, cheese, and—the tastiest part—crispy corn tortilla crumbles. The dish is best done at South Congress Café in Austin, which serves the eggs alongside a scoop of refried black beans and a gouda potato pancake.

    Photo by @bunzandpunz
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    CBD Provisions

    Though the ingredients sound more like an English dish than a Texas brunch item, the egg and cabrito pie from CBD Provisions in downtown Dallas is a dreamy bite on any side of the pond. Here, homemade piecrust encases stout-braised cabrito (that’s goat) and Texas cheddar, with a soft egg baked smack in the middle.

    Courtesy of CBD Provisions

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    Alden & Harlow

    No matter what you called a slice of hole-y bread griddled with a fried egg growing up, the deluxe version of the classic “Toad in a Hole” served up at Alden & Harlow is sure to bring back childhood memories. That is, if your childhood was filled buttery croissant bread, bacon jam, and silky, slow-poached eggs.

    Photo by @enjoythefood

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    Lincoln Tavern and Restaurant

    In our book, pizza for breakfast is 100 percent acceptable. And with that in mind, the egg-topped breakfast pizza from Lincoln Tavern has all major food groups covered. Carbs come in the form of wood-fired pizza dough and crispy fried hash browns, protein is provided with salty bacon and fried eggs, veggies are covered with roasted tomatoes and caramelized onions, and for dairy, there’s a healthy sprinkle of fontina and pecorino. Sounds like a well-balanced meal, no?

    Photo by Mike Diskin
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    New Orleans
    Willa Jean

    If the constant offerings of New Orleans indulgence become overwhelming, take a break and head to Willa Jean for the eggs in ratatouille. On this colorful plate, a wreath of roasted summer vegetables surrounds a poached egg for the perfect detoxifying dish. (You could also order the butter-griddled banana bread and the fried chicken biscuit. We promise we won’t tell.)

    Photo by @willajeanneworleans

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    There’s something bold about the simplicity of the Toad in a Hole served at the Whitfield. Yes, it’s just one farm egg cracked into one slice of golden brown toast, served with a pile of spicy pepper jelly. But when the egg is perfectly runny, the toast is crispy and buttery, and the jam has hints of a smoky sweetness, simple is fine.

    Courtesy of Ace Hotels
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    Portland, ME
    Central Provisions

    While a dish called “bread and butter” might sound like your favorite kiddie snack, the version served up at Central Provisions is anything but childish. Here, the chef serves slices of toasted baguette alongside a healthy pat of seasonally flavored butter and a cooked-to-perfection egg sabayon—something so delicately whipped and subtly flavored, you might not even realize what you’re eating.

    Photo by Kari Herer
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    Los Angeles and Las Vegas

    If the name wasn’t indication enough, the eggs at Eggslut are good. Like, stand in line for 45 minutes just to get your hands on one of their menu items kind of good. While any of its rich, brioche sandwiched scrambles are tasty, the true special is, well, the Slut. It’s a jar filled with silky potato puree, a “coddled” egg, and a sprinkle of chives and salt, and it is naughtily delicious.

    Photo by @seongkyounglongest
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    Los Angeles

    Although uni (aka sea urchin) is most commonly found served simply in Japanese cuisine, this LA spot has found a way to turn a decadent treat into a dreamy hors d’oeuvre. Simply named “Eggs on Toast,” the soft scrambled eggs on Republique’s dinner menu are a tasty cushion for fresh Santa Barbara uni.

    Photo by @republiquela
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    Portland, Oregon
    Fried Egg I'm in Love

    At this locally loved breakfast sandwich spot, the eggs are best served punny. As in, every item on the menu of this food-cart has a clever, musically themed name. Our favorite? Its signature sando, the Yolko Ono—a perfectly fried egg stacked with pesto, Parmesan, and a house sausage patty.
    Photo by @birgerbird
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    Washington D.C.
    Compass Rose 

    At Compass Rose, decadence comes in the shape of khachapuri, a traditional, pizza-like street food found in the country of Georgia. Here, Georgian curd cheese, an oozing organic egg, and a pat of spring butter are baked into a fluffy crust, then swirled up table-side for the optimal crust-ripping and cheese-dipping experience.  

    Photo by @polreanforreals
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