A Mini Guide to Where You Can Fly

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A Mini Guide to Where You Can Fly
Meet the 10 cities you can now fly to directly from the United States.
Photo by Michael Hanson
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    Cuba’s much-beloved, much-photographed capital.

    Photo by Jaume Escofet/Flickr
    Photo by Michael Hanson
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    Cuba’s third-largest city, the centrally located Camagüey (read: no beaches) is a maze of narrow streets and colonial architecture.

    Photo by Marika Bortolami/Flickr
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    Cayo Coco
    A dreamy island to the north of central Cuba with one of the largest colonies of pink flamingos in this part of the world.

    Photo by Didier Baertschiger/Flickr
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    Cayo Largo
    A Caribbean island to the south of central Cuba with, oh yes, nude beaches.

    Photo by Paula Rizzi/Flickr
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    White-sand beaches and UNESCO-listed architecture characterize this resort and port town on the country’s southern coast.

    Photo by Stephen Colebourne/Flickr
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    Another centrally located city, this one is best for the get-me-off-the-grid traveler who prefers casa particulars to resorts and self-guided adventure to paid guides.

    Photo by Jonathan Tellier/Flickr
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    Situated on the left coast of Cuba’s eastern peninsula, Manzanillo is a port city with two national parks. Best for rugged nature-seekers.

    Photo by Greg Gilbert/Flickr
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    Once considered the “Athens of Cuba,” Matanzas has a rich history, especially when it comes to literature and music. 

    Photo by Emmanuel Huybrechts/Flickr
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    Santa Clara
    Visit this central city three hours from Havana for trendy(er) restaurants and all things Che Guevara, including his mausoleum and a museum.

    Photo by sputnik/Flickr
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    Santiago de Cuba
    A musical city on Cuba’s southeast coast. Go for the troubadour scene (formed by members of the Buena Vista Social Club). Carnaval in February is especially festive.

    Photo by Maria Bortolami/Flickr