A Guide to the Best Food Stalls at Darwin’s Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

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A Guide to the Best Food Stalls at Darwin’s Mindil Beach Sunset Markets
The Mindil Beach Sunset Markets is the perfect place to enjoy both local and international street fare during a visit to Australia’s Northern Territory. Home to food stalls representing over 60 countries around the world with nearly 1,200 menu options available, the market is open from spring to fall and located on the palm tree-lined coast of Mindil Beach in Darwin. Cool down from a long, hot day in Australia’s only truly tropical city with a snack and sip here, all while enjoying a prime sunset view as the sun dips below the Arafura Sea. Here are some not-to-miss eats (and a drink) while you’re there.
By Michaela Trimble, AFAR Ambassador
Photo by Marianna Jamadi
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    Down Under Crocodile Burgers at Go On... Be Game
    At Go On… Be Game, protein rules the menu. Serving up quintessential Outback treats, you’ll find a long line wound around the corner to enjoy savory creations, including crocodile, kangaroo, and buffalo burgers. The crocodile burger is served with lemon myrtle and macadamia nut pesto slathered on a brioche bun, rounded out by a heaping pile of sour cream coleslaw to complement the diverse flavors. The buffalo and kangaroo burgers are served with a homemade tomato sauce that rivals any American ketchup, as well as a Danish feta coleslaw, a mayonnaise-free mix of cabbage, onions, oil, and vinegar.
    Photo by Marianna Jamadi
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    Lime & Ginger Thirst Quencher at Sunset Smoothie and Juice Bar
    On a balmy day in Australia’s Northern Territory, nothing sounds more appealing than an ice-cold beverage. At the Sunset Smoothie and Juice Bar, you’ll find the freshest produce in the entire region. With smoothies and juices like the Lime & Ginger Thirst Quencher and Tropical Thunder, expect a fresh mix of local fruit such as cantaloupe, pawpaw, ginger, and watermelon, served in a red-and-white striped cup reminiscent of a county fair.
    Photo by Marianna Jamadi
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    Kangaroo Spring Rolls at Asian Fusion Noodle and Salad Bar
    Due to the Northern Territory’s close proximity to Indonesia, a variety of Asian cuisines are offered throughout the market. At Asian Fusion Noodle and Salad Bar, the best of Indonesia and Northern Territory combine for unique pairings like the homemade kangaroo and rosemary spring rolls, a greasy, salty, crunchy snack. Complementing the roasted kangaroo is a mix of peas, carrots, corn, and cabbage, a hearty mix of vegetables to accentuate the lean meat’s flavors.
    Photo by Marianna Jamadi
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    Martabak at Borneo Intersection
    In the Indonesian islands of Borneo, Java, and Sumatra, martabak—a pastry filled with beef, spring onion, and egg—is a widely consumed snack, similar to how Americans would enjoy a bag of potato chips on the go. At Borneo Intersection, you can find the fried delicacy cooked in an intricate pillow shape, specially pocketing the ingredients while the outer shell is fried and hardened. Also available at the stand is a selection of curry puffs, banana fritters, and fried barramundi, the most common and sought-after fish in the Northern Territory.
    Photo by Marianna Jamadi
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    Thai Style Oysters at Sunset Oyster Bar
    With a menu offering Thai, Japanese, and Australian renditions of oyster creations, Sunset Oyster Bar is the go-to booth for the best seafood and fresh catch at Mindil. The Japanese Slipper includes a mix of wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce atop a raw oyster, and the Darwin Dream is an oyster topped with a silky mix of smoked salmon, cream cheese, and dill. Saving the best for last, opt for the Thai Dream, an oyster topped with Thai lime, chili, and coriander sauce.
    Photo by Marianna Jamadi
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    Mango Cream Pie at Petra’s Raw Cakes
    End your food crawl of Mindil Beach Sunset Markets on a healthy note. At Petra’s Raw Cakes, enjoy vegan desserts that won’t have you missing the milk, eggs, and butter. Choose from a selection of such menu items as tiramisu, raspberry cheesecake, mango cream pie, and bliss balls, which come in flavors like brownie, fig and chia, and marzipan.
    Photo by Marianna Jamadi
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