9 U.S. Cafés With Insanely Good Latte Art

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9 U.S. Cafés With Insanely Good Latte Art
We’re not saying that the high-tech travel mug you bought yourself for your morning coffee isn’t an absolute beaut. But we are saying that it’s nice, every once in awhile, to sit and enjoy a coffee in a café. And what’s more, it’s nice to enjoy a latte or cappuccino that an actual barista has adorned with a smiling chubby hippo or an intricately swirled swan. You sure can’t do that with your travel mug. So just for a day, leave it at home and venture to one of these nine cafés, where you can’t help but take a photo of your drink before you sip.
By Alina Polishuk, AFAR Contributor
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    1. Moore Coffee (Seattle)
    Locals dig this family-owned spot for its creative flavor offerings and cutesy milk foam designs, from Horchata lattes topped with quizzical owls to Mexican mochas with silly-faced octopi.

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    Bibble & Sip (New York City)
    Head into to Bibble & Sip for a crackle-topped cream puff and walk away with several photos of the latte that you just had to order while you were there. Dreamy flavors aside (like Jasmine Matcha or Lavender), your cuppa will likely come adorned with an adorable foamy friend that’s almost too cute to slurp away.

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    Courtesy of Bibble & Sip
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    Sawada (Chicago)
    Under the tutelage of coffee connoisseur Hiroshi Sawada, the baristas at Sawada take their craft seriously. And rightfully so: The shop’s namesake owner oversees several highly successful coffee spots in Tokyo and is world-renowned for his freehand latte pours—he won the worldwide Millrock Latte Competition in 2008. The drinks here are made with soul and precision, whether it’s Sawada’s famous Military Latte (a balanced mix of vanilla syrup, cocoa, espresso, and matcha) or a classic cortado.

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    Courtesy of Sawada
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    Home Cafe (San Francisco)
    At this popular cafe in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset neighborhood, no special occasion is needed for a taste of sprinkles and cake. Although many of Home Cafe’s psychedelic creations have garnered Instagram fame since the place opened in early 2015, the most popular is the birthday cake latte, which gets its distinct design from artfully swirled food coloring.

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    Art+Science Cafe (Los Angeles)
    The winsome critters that adorn the lattes at this small Pasadena café are cute enough in their own right, but order a pink-hued Red Velvet drink to up the adorable factor. For Midwestern transplants, the café also serves up a near-identical replica of Sawada’s Military Latte.

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    Patika Coffee (Austin)
    It’s all about aesthetic at this pretty, minimalist café in Austin, and the drinks are no exception. The baked goods are perfectly browned, the brunch bowls are bursting with color, and in-house lattes come with a classic, artful swirl that’s made for the ‘Gram.

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    Courtesy of Patika Coffee
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    Southside Espresso (Houston)
    Houstonians love this spot for the homey vibe and funky drinks. Here, the artistry doesn’t stop at the detailed latte designs— underneath that foam, customers can choose from a selection of seasonal housemade syrups to flavor their orders, like sweet potato, peanut butter honey, or coconut ginger. And yes, that is a Thanksgiving themed cornucopia.

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    Courtesy of Southside Espresso
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    Coffee Nature (Washington, D.C.)
    Coffee Nature offers a sweet and slow alternative to the standard grab-and-go Capitol Hill coffee shops. Here, diners can pick from a solid selection of breakfast sandwiches while sipping on a latte topped with a big-eared bunny, Hello Kitty’s face, or, on a cold day, a gleeful snowman.

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    Ogawa Coffee (Boston)
    To those who that frequent Ogawa Coffee, it would come as no surprise to hear that baristas learned their craft from 2010 World Latte Art Champion, Haruna Murayami. The milky designs are kitschy around the holidays (think chubby ghosts for Halloween and or bow-tie clad dads for Father’s Day), but the classic Ogawa flower is remarkably refined. Also, it’s worth noting that Ogawa Coffee’s actual address is 10 Milk Street. Fitting, no? 

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    Courtesy of Ogawa Coffee USA
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