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9 Photos That Will Make You Fall for Copenhagen

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9 Photos That Will Make You Fall for Copenhagen
AFAR’s creative director Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson recently returned from a trip to Copenhagen with her husband. While their expectations for the city had always been high, it soon became clear that Copenhagen would exceed them—and Olson realized that she may have found her favorite city in the world. The beauty of Denmark’s capital won her over at every turn, from its museums and waterways to tasty tacos and flea markets. Olson is known for having an artistic eye, so for her to find this much visual inspiration somewhere, you know it must be stunning. Scroll through the following photos to explore some of her favorite memories from the trip, and be prepared: You may just fall in love with the city yourself.
Photo by Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson
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    The Whole Package
    “On the first day of our trip, we rented bikes and rode to the Designmuseum. The whole thing was incredibly beautiful—not only its exhibitions, but its café and the grounds outside.”
    Photo by Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson
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    East Meets West
    “The Designmuseum even has an entire exhibit on Japanese design, and how it’s influenced Danish design, which is very interesting. I wouldn’t have noticed the connection between their cultural styles otherwise, but once you see the exhibit and look at the furniture in context, it makes a lot of sense.”
    Photo by Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson
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    The Creative Outdoors
    “The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art was pretty amazing, too. It’s a special kind of space worth visting outside the city, and it sits right on the water, with extensive grounds and gardens that are full of outdoor sculptures, like these. There’s just something really beautiful about the place.”
    Photo by Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson
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    Posh Porcelain
    “We spent another day in Christiania—a hippie ‘free town’ within the city—riding around and visiting flea markets. We bought more than a couple of vintage pieces while we were there, including ceramics, Royal Copenhagen china, and a cute 1960s’ Tivoli plate covered in these great illustrations. But my favorite souvenir from the trip has to be the vintage Royal Copenhagen china, like these seen here.”
    Photo by Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson
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    Poker Face
    “I spotted these little cards—whatever they are—at another flea market in the city. We didn’t take any home, but I loved their designs.”
    Photo by Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson
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    The Coolest ’Hood
    “We also checked out Nørrebro, which is this little pocket of a neighborhood west of the city center. One street in particular seems to have become a really great place to explore. Mikkellar Beer has a bar there, and there’s also a veggie-focused restaurant called Manfreds that serves a delicious chef’s choice menu. The street is also dotted with tons of cute little stores, selling plants, ceramics, books, home decor, designer fashion, and more. We spent a couple of hours on the street just hanging out, eating, drinking, and window-shopping.”
    Photo by Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson
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    Unwinding on the Water
    “It’s very easy to reach Sweden from Copenhagen. We took a lovely 35-minute train ride to Malmö one afternoon to visit Ribersborgs Kallbadhus sauna, which is located right on the Øresund Strait. You get to sit there and sweat while staring out at this beautiful waterfront view, thanks to a huge picture window that’s inside the sauna. When you get super hot and can’t take it anymore, you head outside and jump into the freezing water, before running back inside the sauna to warm up again. It was so fun that we stayed there the entire afternoon.”
    Photo by Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson
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    Taco Time
    “I don’t know a ton about a taco culture, but Hija de Sánchez is a restaurant that a lot of people were talking about; we had multiple recommendations to go try it out. A highly celebrated and well-liked chef who used to work at Noma runs the operation. We ate at her little pop-up shop in Vesterbro’s meatpacking district, which is a cool area that feels similar to Brooklyn. The shop is actually just a little storefront: you sit at tables outside instead of eating in the restaurant. But the tacos were SO good—I mean, delicious. The combo plate changes often, but chorizo and pork were on the menu during our visit. It was one of my favorite meals from the trip.”
    Photo by Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson
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    Heavenly Harbor
    Nyhavn is the city’s famed waterfront area, where all of these beautifully colored buildings sit side by side along the canal. It really is that gorgeous in person, especially on a sunny day. The restaurants are a bit touristy, but you honestly don’t care because it’s so nice to just sit there and people watch and soak up the view and . . . [sigh]. I loved it.”
    Photo by Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson
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    Photo by Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek