7 Architecturally Stunning Buildings

Original mad harbin opera house 003 cadam mork.jpg?1471546992?ixlib=rails 0.3
7 Architecturally Stunning Buildings
A slideshow of buildings provided by MAD Architects
By Kyana Moghadam, AFAR Contributor
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    Original mad harbin opera house 003 cadam mork.jpg?1471546992?ixlib=rails 0.3
    7 Amazing Buildings to See Now
    It’s no wonder that Beijing-based Ma Yansong, of MAD Architects, is recognized as one of the most important voices in the new generation of architects; his design philosophy speaks to the issues of today, including nature, imagination, and emotion. “If we imagine a better environment, it must be very beautiful, natural, and human,” he said in a recent interview. “I think architecture will eventually go in this direction, and the younger generation is already realizing it.”

    Yansong, who studied under the legendary Zaha Hadid, founded MAD architects in 2004. Since then, the MAD team has made waves with futuristic, organic, and technologically advanced buildings throughout China, Europe, Canada, and recently the United States, all of which aim to connect the natural landscape with contemporary architecture—an affinity that Yangsong attributes to traditional Eastern culture. Take a scroll through the slideshow to see seven of MAD’s latest architectural masterpieces and where to see them in person.

    Courtesy of MAD Architects
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    The Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort
    “The Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort takes full advantage of its waterfront by directly integrating architecture and nature. The circular building and its corresponding mirror-image in the water create a surreal circle that is half structure and half reflection. The annular shape of the hotel allows for all rooms to accommodate spectacular views while increasing natural light in all directions.” —Ma Yansong and MAD 

    Plan your trip: Zhejiang, China

    Courtesy of MAD Architects
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    Absolute Towers
    “Absolute Towers is considered to be our international breakthrough. Quickly after completion, the two residential towers were nicknamed the ‘Marilyn Monroe Towers’ due to their sinuous shape.” —Ma Yansong and MAD 

    Plan your trip: Ontario, Canada

    Courtesy of MAD Architects
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    Original 01 mad 07034 beihai fake hillsl i rendering night view.jpg?1471540122?ixlib=rails 0.3
    The Fake Hill
    “The Fake Hill project is located on the coastal city of Beihai, in the south of China, on a narrow, 800-meter-long oceanfront site. The fundamental geometry of the scheme combines two common yet opposite architecture typologies, the high rise and groundscraper, which produce an undulating building typology that results in a form of a hill.” —Ma Yansong and MAD 

    Plan your trip: Guangxi, China

    Courtesy of MAD Architects
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    Original mad 8600 wilshire corner daytime.jpg?1471540126?ixlib=rails 0.3
    8600 Wilshire
    “8600 Wilshire is MAD’s first U.S. project and demonstrates our core design philosophy: to coalesce nature and community into a living environment among high-density cities. Bringing the nature found on the adjacent foothills of Los Angeles into the city of Beverly Hills, 8600 Wilshire mimics a hill with a residential village atop.” —Ma Yansong and MAD 

    Plan your trip: Los Angeles

    Courtesy of MAD Architects
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    Original mad 09012 china wood sculpture museum p 07 dayview by xia zhi.jpg?1471540130?ixlib=rails 0.3
    China Wood Sculpture Museum
    “The 196-meter-long curvy and twisting China Wood Sculpture Museum in Harbin is informed by the gnarled burls of wood albeit expressed architectonically with a skin of polished steel plates. An abstraction of nature is at the conceptual center of the building which serves to house local wood sculptures as well as paintings depicting the snow-laden and icy landscape.” —Ma Yansong and MAD 

    Plan your trip: Heilongjiang, China

    Courtesy of MAD Architects
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    The UNIC Building
    “The UNIC Building in Paris is our first project in Europe. The building attempts to blur the boundary between architecture and nature through variably stepped terraces, which extend the green space from the park into the vertical space of the building, and provide space for residents to interact with nature.” —Ma Yansong and MAD 

    Plan your trip: Paris

    Courtesy of MAD Architects
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    Original mad harbin opera house 003 cadam mork.jpg?1471540132?ixlib=rails 0.3
    “Harbin Opera House is MAD Architects’ vision for a cultural center for the future—both as a tremendous performance venue, as well as a dramatic public space. The architecture references the curved landscape of the surrounding area and contains two performance venues. It’s quickly become a landmark for the city and has been nominated for several awards for its extraordinary architecture.” —Ma Yansong and MAD 

    Plan your trip: China

    Courtesy of MAD Architects

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