6 Airbnb Stays in Havana to Book Now

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6 Airbnb Stays in Havana to Book Now
Havana has become a hot destination for Americans to explore, with the first U.S. luxury hotel, Four Points Havana, opening its doors just last month. But for those seeking a more authentic experience, Airbnb hosts are offering up their city homes for a great price, which guests can even prepay for convenience. We got the scoop on Airbnb’s top six recommended stays throughout Havana, equipped with hosts who treat their guests to a truly local experience.
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    Cozy B&B Spot
    One bedroom, one bath

    Located on the ground floor of a historic b&b, this private rental uses its elegant white four-poster canopy bed as a focal furniture piece, with teal walls and blue and light brown marble floors adding splashes of color. The floor-length mirror with intricate woodwork compliments the wood-framed windows, showcasing city street views behind white curtains. The dark-green bathroom has a brick bathtub, a built-in blow dryer, and plenty of outlets for other getting-ready essentials. 

    Amenities: Pool, full gym, washer and dryer, a relaxation center with massage treatments, and indoor-outdoor dining areas where breakfast, snacks, and bar service are available.

    Neighborhood: Perched on a hill with elevated views of the city, this house is surrounded by local restaurants and is a taxi ride away from Old Havana.

    From $60; see the listing here.

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    Charming Two-Story Complex
    One bedroom, one bath

    The host of this colonial-style home puts up renters in his two-story units, which are complete with a petite bedroom space and equally quaint bathroom. On the first floor, a full-sized bed is nestled near the wooden stairs that wind up to the second floor bath. Each complex is meant to house two guests and is furnished in dark wood furniture, decorated in antique accents, and lit by elegant chandeliers. 

    Amenities: A rooftop terrace that reveals great views of the city, where a breakfast menu is available daily.

    Neighborhood: Located in a residential area of central Havana, this property is in walking distance of the Malecón—an esplanade stretching five miles along the coast. Old Havana is a 10-15 minute walk away.

    From $44; see the listing here

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    Colonial Pad
    Three bedrooms, two baths

    When first arriving to the two-story residence, guests are exposed to the colonial style of the 1920s building through its classic white pillars. The three bedrooms that can accomodate up to six guests are located on the ground floor, in addition to a narrow entrance room, classical dining room, and den for lounging. The second floor, which is shared with the hostess, is complete with a bar, kitchen, and two terraces that showcase surrounding city views. The rooms are brightly painted with shades of yellow, pink, and green and have elegant marble and tiled floors.

    Amenities: A washer and dryer, hot tub, two terraces, and full kitchen.

    Neighborhood: This urban neighborhood is located in the central business district called Vedado. Guests are in walking distance of restaurants, bars, nightlife, and the Malecón esplanade.

    From $165; see the listing here.

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    The “White House” of Havana
    One bedroom, one bath (three available)

    It’s obvious how this seafront apartment got its “White House” nickname by just looking at its all-white interior. The first floor is all communal space, made up of a conjoined living room, kitchen space, and long balcony stretching out toward the Havana bay. A narrow staircase leads up to the second floor, where one triple and two double bedrooms—decked out in the same white interior with their own private bathrooms—are available for rent.

    Amenities: Air-conditioning, washer, balcony, and daily breakfast served in the kitchen/dining room space.

    Neighborhood: Located right along the Malecón, the waterfront apartment is in walking distance of dining, shopping, and the historic attractions in Old Havana.

    From $44; see the listing here.

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    Luxe Guesthouse
    Three bedrooms, three baths

    This recently renovated luxury apartment is located on the fifth floor, giving elevated views of the city’s skyline from its five balconies. In addition to three bedrooms with private bathrooms, the guesthouse has a conjoined dining, kitchen, and living room space, decorated with contemporary paintings and photographs by local artists. And as a bonus, guests can easily book excursions through the hosts directly—from historic walking tours around Old Havana to salsa dancing lessons.

    Air-conditioning, five balconies, full kitchen, housekeeping service, and elevator.

    Neighborhood: This listing is in the center of Havana, located right next to Old Havana. The apartment is in walking distance of restaurants, historic museums, art galleries, and the Malecón.

    From $449; see the listing here

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    Retro-Modern Suite
    Two bedrooms, one bath

    This suite-style apartment embodies a retro-meets-modern look, thanks to its black-and-white checkered floors and contemporary hanging wall art. Four beds are set up in two bedrooms, which can accommodate up to six guests at a time. The roomy kitchen has modern equipment, complete with an espresso machine, and serves up a daily breakfast spread of fruit, artisanal meats, and eggs. The apartment also has a TV lounge with a selection of music and movies for a family-friendly group, plus a rooftop terrace landscaped with lush plants—creating a jungle vibe in the middle of the city.

    Amenities: Air-conditioning, complimentary breakfast, Jacuzzi, rooftop terrace, full kitchen, and includes Wi-Fi

    Neighborhood: Situated in the heart of Old Havana, this building is surrounded by parks, plazas, churches, and museums.

    From $220; see the listing here.

    Courtesy of Airbnb
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