5 Ways to Get in the Halloween Mood at The Stanley Hotel

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5 Ways to Get in the Halloween Mood at The Stanley Hotel
5 Ways to Get in the Halloween Mood at The Stanley Hotel
By Kyana Moghadam, AFAR Contributor
Kyana Moghadam
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    Take a Ghost Tour
    The 90-minute evening Ghost Tours are The Stanley’s bread and butter. Your guide will take you around the paranormal grounds, including through the famous Concert Hall and into the underground tunnel where the ghosts of Freelan and Flora are known to pop up. Pair the Ghost Tour with the more historical Stanley Tour for the ultimate experience (the story behind the hotel is fascinating). Make reservations here.
    Kyana Moghadam
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    Book a Haunted Room
    Looking forward to a sleepless night? Remember these numbers: 401, 407, 418, 428, 413, 1302, and 217. The waiting list for some of these rooms can be months long, but guests say they are worth the wait. Room 428 is home to a “Wild West cowboy” who spends the night pacing at the end of the bed. The ghost children in room 418 have been known to do mischievous things, such as remove the covers, play with the bathroom lights, and “tickle" sleeping children. In room 217, the one made famous by King (the room number was changed to 237 in Kubrick’s film), Jim Carrey spent a terrifying night with the ghost of Miss Wilson. While filming Dumb & Dumber, the actor requested to stay in 217 and “after a few hours was seen running down to the main desk, screaming, and demanding someone go and get his stuff so he can leave the hotel,” DD, our tour guide,  said. “He ended up staying at the Holiday Inn.” Check out the Haunted Rooms when you book your accommodations.
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    Show Up for the Halloween Ball/Fest
    No doubt about it, The Stanley is the place to be for Halloween. This year the hotel has put together its biggest lineup to date, with the two full weekends of horror (the Twin Terror Weekends). On October 21, the hotel will kick off the festivities with a Redrum Mystery Dinner (a four-course meal in the Victorian-style ballroom, with a theatrical twist, of course), followed on Saturday by The Shining Ball (watch for costumes, prizes, and Shining-themed decorations). The following weekend includes a Boo Bash and a Halloween Masquerade Party. Browse the full schedule and book your tickets for Halloween at The Stanley here.
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    Check Out the Film Fest
    If horror flicks are your thing, plan your trip around the Stanley Film Festival. Each year, the hotel becomes a mecca for independent horror filmmakers from all over the world. It’s four days packed with Q&A sessions, industry panels, a student-film competition (the “Stanley Dean’s Cup”), and, of course, screenings of some seriously scary films. The 2017 festival takes place in April. 
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    Stay in, Freak out
    Want a simpler path to terror while staying at The Stanley? Climb into bed, turn your TV to channel 42, and watch The Shining (it plays on repeat) until you can’t take it anymore. Try not to think too hard about those long, empty corridors on the other side of your bedroom door.