4 Resort Spas in Tune with Nature

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4 Resort Spas in Tune with Nature
It seems like every hotel has a spa these days, but certain properties are breaking down barriers (more specifically, walls) like never before. These treatments, both physical and mental, take place outside in the natural environment, where guests can feel rejuvinated while reconnecting with Mother Nature. From a beachside lounge in Indonesia to the springs in Pennsylvania, check out these four hotels and their innovative spa treatments that are au naturel.
By Nicoletta Richardson, AFAR Staff
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    1. Lumeria Maui
    Makawao, HI 
    From its farmland setting on the western slope of the Haleakala volcano, this 24-room retreat sends guests down to the coast in a shuttle for Aqua Craniosacral Therapy, a gentle, wave-like massage that relieves compression in the neck, spine, and sacrum. In an oh-so-Maui touch, Lumeria’s version can be performed right at sunrise, as you float on the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

    Photo courtesy of Lumeria Maui 
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    2. Nihiwatu
    Sumba Island, Indonesia
    A 50-minute flight from Bali, this surfers’ retreat turned upscale hideaway just launched a Spa Safari to a private, hotel-owned beachside lounge in the Nihi Oka Valley. Guests of Nihiwatu have the run of a clifftop dining area, pool, and cluster of spa huts. They can also swim in the Indian Ocean between unlimited massages, cooling body wraps, and natural scrubs made from garden-sourced ingredients.

    Photo courtesy of Nihiwatu 
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    3. Viceroy Sugar Beach
    St. Lucia
    For long-weekend guests who may not want to spend any of their precious Caribbean time indoors, the three-hour Sulphur Seduction trip visits the dormant Soufrière volcano’s black sulfur pools for a soothing soak and a slathering of the mineral-rich mud. After a fresh-air rinse under a waterfall, the whole experience is capped with a 20-minute massage back at the spa at Viceroy Sugar Beach.

    Photo courtesy of Viceroy Sugar Beach
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    4. Omni Bedford Springs
    In precolonial times, the Tuscarora and Iroquois people soaked in the eight natural springs here. Since then, countless blissed-out guests, including 13 U.S. presidents, have followed suit. The latest twist is the two- to three-hour Eternal Springs Guided Hike at the Omni Bedford, which stops at each of the springs and incorporates stretching, meditation, and bits of history along the way.

    Photo courtesy of Omni Bedford Springs

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