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30 Gifts for $30 or Less

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30 Gifts for $30 or Less
Who says thoughtful holiday gift giving has to break the bank? We’ve scoured the globe to find Ghanaian jewelry, fancy French matches, funky travel patches, and a whole lot more—all for $30 or less.
By Sara Button, AFAR Staff
Courtesy of Yoleni’s
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    GAEA Gift Box
    Olive oil and vinegar have never looked—or tasted—as good as they do in this sleek set from GAEA, imported by noted Greek food purveyor Yoleni’s, set to open its first stateside store in Providence, Rhode Island, at the end of 2017. $30 from GAEA US
    Courtesy of Yoleni’s
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    Using this portable pour-over kit, your favorite coffee snob can caffeinate like a pro however far afield he or she may go. $25 from Dripkit.coffee
    Courtesy of Dripkit
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    Umeboshi Chili Paste
    What can a foodie spread on toast, stir into a martini, or mix into a shrimp cocktail? Entube’s Umeboshi chili paste, a puree of pickled Japanese plums and cayenne pepper. $8 from Entube
    Courtesy of Entube
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    Simple Syrups
    These award-winning simple syrups from Brooklyn-based Blank Slate are perfect for the amateur mixologist. Choose from chili, vanilla, black pepper, and palm sugar. $12-$15 from Blank Slate Kitchen
    Courtesy of Blank Slate
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    30-Day Challenge
    Who knew the path to living life more deliberately could come in a box? Anyone, anywhere can peel a page a day and see the results of taking life—and travel—a little slower. $12 from Doiy Design
    Courtesy of Doiy Design
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    Body Scrub
    Forgo the ho-hum bottle-of-wine gift for a wine scrub that exfoliates and nourishes, thanks to a mix of pinot noir skins and grapeseed oil. $29 from The Cool Hunter
    Courtesy of The Cool Hunter
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    Cosmic Yuzu Soap
    Aromas of Japanese grapefruit and black tea blend together with pops of color in these playful bars of soap made by hand in Portland, Maine. $14 from Wary Meyers
    Courtesy of Wary Meyers
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    Chabi Ceramic Glasses
    For the hostess with an altruistic bent: These glasses are painted by hand in the mountains of Marrakesh, and Raven and Lily donates a portion of the proceeds from each sale to Project Soar, a nonprofit that helps Moroccan girls continue their education. $14 from Raven and Lily
    Courtesy of Raven and Lily
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    Scented Matches
    Looking for an unusual stocking stuffer? Stock up on scented matches—Egyptian amber and bergamot, Japanese hinoki wood and frankincense—that offer a whiff of travel. $18 from L’Officine Universelle Buly
    Courtesy of L’Officine Universelle Buly
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    Map Coasters
    Spark inspiration—or stoke nostalgia—with these woodcut map coasters, created by O3 Design Studio in Beijing. Choose from more than 100 cities around the world. $25 from O3 Design Studio
    Courtesy of O3 Design Studio.
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    Pocket Squares
    For the well-dressed suit-wearer in your life, Pocket Square Clothing provides handcrafted pocket squares in an array of eye-catching designs. $26 from Pocket Square Clothing
    Courtesy of Pocket Square Clothing
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    Window Seat Puzzle
    The world looks so peaceful at 30,000 feet. Help frequent flyers relive the beauty with this 500-piece puzzle featuring views from the top—no ticket required. $14 from Galison
    Courtesy of Galison
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    Fringed Towel “Shapes”
    Handwoven in Oaxaca, these fringed towels are soft, durable, and versatile enough to use in the kitchen or the bathroom. $24 from Ahalife
    Courtesy of Ahalife
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    Here Personal Globe
    Practical yet pretty, this geometric paper globe from Italian design company Palomar allows travelers to track their passport stamp progress—or set adventure goals for 2018—with the 50 provided pins. $29 from Palomar
    Courtesy of Palomar
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    Cactus Pillow
    This pillow may look spiny but it’s soft as a cloud. Its microbead filling means no one will wake up from a nap or an airplane snooze with a crick in the neck. $22 from Kikkerland
    Courtesy of Kikkerland
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    Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models
    Design-lovers can bring 14 of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most distinctive buildings to life with this book of kirigami, origami’s cut-and-fold cousin. $20 from Amazon
    Courtesy of Kirigami
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    Do Something Travel Dice
    Every roll of these wooden dice from W&P Design brings an inspiring itinerary: Bike the city and quest for a new hole-in-the-wall burger joint, or play a round of golf and discover a local film festival. $12 from W&P Design
    Courtesy of W&P Design
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    GlobeIn Subscription
    Anything from hand-painted ceramics to fair-trade jewelry might show up from GlobeIn in its monthly Essential Artisan Box$10/month from GlobeIn
    Courtesy of GlobeIn
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    Anonymousism Crew Socks
    Cozy, stylish socks (like these by Japanese master sock makers at Anonymousism) are the perfect gift accessories for a trans-Atlantic flight or long-haul train ride. $22 from Bespoke Post
    Courtesy of Anonymousism
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    Glassblowers and bead makers in eastern Ghana collaborate with the design crew at Studio OneEighty Nine to craft these bracelets made from recycled bottles. $25 from Studio OneEighty Nine
    Courtesy of Studio OneEighty Nine
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    S’well Traveler
    Everyone’s favorite leak-proof, temperature-regulating water bottle now comes in a 12-ounce, travel-friendly version. The wide mouth shape makes it even easier to add ice or stir a beverage. $30 from S’well
    Courtesy of S'well
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    Sky High Sticker Set
    Kids and adults alike will love this sticker set from L.A.-based Mokuyobi. The embroidered patches can be used once or sewn onto a backpack or a jacket for permanent flare. $14 from Mokuyobi
    Courtesy of Mokuyobi
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    Pocket Blanket
    This versatile blanket is puncture-resistant, seats four, and even comes with integrated corner stakes for those windy days at the beach. The best part? It folds down to fit in a pocket. $30 from Bespoke Post
    Courtesy of Bespoke Post
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    Multi-tool kit
    Life on the road can be full of surprises. Intrepid globetrotters will be prepared for the little mishaps with this multi-hued, multi-tool set. $20 from UncommonGoods.com
    Courtesy of UncommonGoods
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    Baggu Pouch
    Everything from spare colones to hotel keys will fit into this 5x5 suede pouch from Baggu, back by popular demand. $28 from Baggu
    Courtesy of Baggu
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    Give the gift of insider info with app credit for Detour. Its recipient can listen to the stories behind the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, or walk the streets of Tokyo’s trendiest neighborhood, all guided by the people who know them best. In-app purchases from $8 from Detour
    Courtesy of Detour
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    Luckies of London City Tape
    Add a bit of wanderlust to your coworker’s office routine with this City Tape from Luckies of London. Skylines of London, Paris, and New York pair especially well with its City Notes. $8 from Luckies of London
    Courtesy of Luckies of London
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    Viarco Pencils
    Portuguese pencil company Viarco has been making quality writing materials for 110 years—and now it’s bringing back their vintage packaging. These colorful limited edition boxes hold 12 #2 graphite pencils that come in classic yellow or a rainbow of hues. $15 from Pencils.com
    Courtesy of Viarco
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    Kids’ Aprons
    For the budding traveler comes a pint-size apron featuring such iconic landmarks as the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge. Matching aprons for adult chaperones are also available. $28 from Minted
    Courtesy of Minted
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    Raspberry Honey Confidant
    With a cheerful red cover embossed with bees and a spine designed to open flat, this limited-edition Confidant notebook is travel-ready and includes an illustrated tale by West Coast painter Geoff Gouveia. $20 from Baron Fig
    Courtesy of Baron Fig
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    What’s Next . . .
    Courtesy of Fjallraven