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The Most Instagram-worthy Spots Around the World

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    Freemans, New York City
    The entrance to Freeman's Restaurant is down an alley, off a side street in downtown Manhattan. To the uninitiated, locating it is a small adventure, and that's why the setting is so satisfying. The resulting instagram not only captures the picture-perfect setting, but also easily manages to convey the hidden vibe of the place.
    — @aguynamedpatrick
    Photo by @aguynamedpatrick
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    Out of everywhere I've visited so far, I think Iceland is the most magical. It's no wonder they film so many scifi and fantasy epics there (think Interstellar, Oblivion, Game of Thrones) when parts of the country look like they could be another planet. The dried lava from the volcanoes have created a moon-like atmosphere in areas. The glaciers have led to iceberg lagoons and a staggering amount of waterfalls. The Blue Lagoon might be the most photogenic swimming hole in the world. Iceland has too many gorgeous landscapes and features to name, and all of it is Instagram gold. You'll probably want to take a selfie everywhere, especially in front of the Strokkur geysir going off! I know I did. So that's why Iceland gets my gold star of approval for Instaphotography. I hope you have a good international data plan, because you're gonna need it.
    — @readysetjetset
    Photo by @readysetjetset
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    Patagonia, Chile
    Without a doubt my most favorite instagrammable place is Patagonia, Chile. No matter which way you're looking, there's an incredible view that is 100% insta-worthy!!
    — @whatsgabycookin
    Photo by @whatsgabycookin
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    El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette, New York
    El Rey is one of my favorite places to instagram. I adore the light mid-morning, always the exact moment I am craving my second espresso of the day. Their minimalist decor never fails to inspire and calm. The drinks are spot on, not to mention the food! Perfect for breakfast or lunch; fresh and innovative, savory or sweet; they always have what I’m craving.
    — @lindapugliese
    Photo by @lindapugliese
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    Piazza Navona, Rome
    Any rooftop in the Piazza Navona area is idea of the best spot to take the most "instagram able" and epic snapshot of Rome. At 11am, you find gorgeous colors, and get a bird's eye view of the city with its congested and cascading roofs, delicious dome and striking perspective of Michelangelo's cupola.
    — @ericafirpo
    Photo by @ericafirpo
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    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Rio de Janeiro’s captivating intersection of carpe diem beach culture, kinetic city energy and sublime topography enchants the iPhone out of my pocket at every turn—especially Ipanema’s iconic twin peaks, Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers), which are jaw-droppingly beautiful in every light.
    Photo by @patchworkcompass
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    The Tuileries Gardens, Paris
    Always instagrammable, as the feelings it evokes vary greatly by season. It's also large enough to have secluded pockets where locals go for quiet.
    Photo by @lostncheeseland
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    Miyajima, Japan
    I fell in love with Miyajima the moment I stepped off the ferry. You're greeted by miniature deer roaming the streets and ferry landing. This island, embodies the rich history and traditions of Japan, and is truly a wild experience. The only way to describe Miyajima is to say that it's a pure beauty that provides organic shots at every turn. Whether it's temples, spirit statues or the famous floating Torii Gate, it's the ideal Instagram destination.
    Photo by @paigewilhog
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    Panjiayuan Flea Market, Beijing
    "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." The absence of landmarks leaves a void that, once outside, each of us tries to fill at his best. Where to begin? Walk on a street, following the fragrance of incense, and lose orientation consciously. I have a thing for markets and I never miss the opportunity to explore them around China. They are the most authentic places of the earth, the right spot where to discover a Country and its people. This glimpse is from Panjiayuan flea market, in Beijing. It's a serendipity's affair: when you're searching for old postcard you will go home with some ancient crockery and pottery. You need just to follow the flow, sitting in front of a stall, and start to bargain for a treasure. 
    Photo by @serendella
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    Patagonia, Chile
    There is something modern and magic about sharing images while en route from places at the ends of the Earth. During trips to places like Patagonia, Capetown or the northern reaches of Iceland I'm always confronted with the idea that the world is shrinking. Just two generations ago the idea of traveling to far away places captured an experience so different than today. While connection can be a curse, it can also inspire, comfort and help us discover new places we never knew we needed to be. Travel on!
    Photo by @thejourneynotes
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    Trentino Alto Adige, Italy
    As a travel and landscape photographer, one of my favorite places to Instagram is among the Dolomites of northern Italy's Trentino Alto Adige province. From hillsides of orange-leaved vineyards in autumn to picturesque mountain villages blanketed in snow in winter, this region is spectacular in every season. But, for me, the ultimate experience is escaping the summer heat by hopping a cable car to a snowy mountaintop and enjoying breathtaking views in every direction, like this view of the majestic Marmolada, the highest mountain in the Dolomites.
    — @katinaphoto
    Photo by @katinaphoto
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    After being inspired by Instagrammers, we asked our editors for their top spots. Continue the slide show to see our Staff Picks of the Most Instagrammable Spots in the World.
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    LITERALLY ANYWHERE IN ICELAND: skogafoss, gullfoss, any foss, geysir, and Jokulsarlon.
    Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson, Creative Director
    Photo by Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson
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    San Francisco, California
    I find myself Instgramming from downtown San Francisco more than anywhere else because the patterns and reflections and geometry present themselves in a different light almost every day.
    — Derk Richardson, Senior Editor
    Photo by Derk Richardson
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    Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada
    A mile closer to the sun, almost every day in the Sierra Nevada is clear and bright. That kind of light makes for beautiful skies and even more beautiful shades of blue as it shines through the waters of Lake Tahoe. Trust me, at every turn you’ll be scrambling to grab your iPhone to capture it — even when you shouldn’t, like when you’re mid-stride in a tipsy kayak. 
    Juliette San Fillipo, Sales and Marketing Coordinator 
    Photo by Juliette San Fillipo
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    Aspen, Colorado
    Aspen. As the seasons change, it looks different and majestical all the time.
    John Galante, International Travel Director
    Photo by John Galante
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    Oregon Coast
    The Oregon Coast. It photographs well even though only a quarter of the beauty can be captured with a camera.
    Andrew Richdale, Senior Editor
    Photo by Andrew Richdale
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    Santorini, Greece
    Santorini is my favorite spot because every angle you capture is just picture perfect. With the white houses on the hills and the Caldera view, it is a beauty!
    Denise Hoo, Digital Ad Operations
    Photo by Denise Hoo
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    Newport Beach, California
    Newport Beach, CA. It’s so delightfully retro, and all those dreamy sunset colors make it hard to not take a good picture.
    — Danielle Walsh, Associate Editor — Social Media & Newsletters
    Photo by Danielle Walsh
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    Marrakech, Morocco
    Marrakech because the architecture is magical.
    Jen Murphy, Deputy Editor 
    Photo by Jen Murphy
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    Bay Area, California
    One of my favorite ways to discover the Bay Area is through Instgram. There's nothing like a few palm trees to really make the shot!
    Alex Palomino, Assistant Photo Editor
    Photo by Alex Palomino
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    Sedona, Arizona
    I never get sick of instagramming Sedona, AZ. The red rocks are stunning, and although photos can hardly capture their true beauty, I can't help but post every time I visit.
    Samantha Juda, Community Intern
    Photo by Samantha Juda
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    Parque Tayrona Santa Marta, Colombia
    Parque Tayrona in Santa Marta, Colombia for the views while hiking the national park and the secluded, hammock-lined beach that awaits you on the other side.
    Michaela Trimble, AFAR Exchange Manager
    Photo by Michaela Trimble