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15 Perfect Travel Gifts from Etsy

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15 Perfect Travel Gifts from Etsy
When searching for that ever-elusive “perfect” gift for the travelers in your life, there’s no better place to start than Etsy. A treasure trove of handmade and vintage goods, the online marketplace is the equivalent of the shopping Holy Grail—especially for the adventurous spirits on your list.

That’s because wanderlust isn’t just a buzzword on Etsy—it’s a lifestyle embodied by vendors using the platform to take their goods worldwide. From travel journals to customized dopp kits, the following 15 gifts are the ultimate gifting triple threat: they support small businesses, are unique (and often one-of-a-kind), and can be purchased right from your computer. We’ll call that a win, win, win.
Courtesy of FelixStreetStudio
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    A Monogrammed Dopp Kit
    This classic dopp kit comes with a complimentary embroidered monogram and optional interior message.

    Leather dopp kit, from $70
    Courtesy of FelixStreetStudio
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    Map Your Travels
    Record the places you’ve traveled on this “It’s A Beautiful World” map; scratch off the foil to reveal a multicolor watercolor inspired by the destination.

    Scratch travel map, $30
    Courtesy of KUULYS
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    Travel Journals
    Have journal, will travel—or at least be able to document adventures. This neutral and light notebook is the perfect addition to any hotel room nightstand.

    Travel journal, $12
    Courtesy of PrintStitchAndPaste
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    Passport Wallet
    This made-to-order wallet has six interior pockets and can fit up to four passports. Buyers can customize with a family name.

    Travel passport wallet, $45
    Courtesy of StitchbirdandFern
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    Global Bling
    This handmade globe ring comes in two ring sizes and can be made from a variety of materials, including brass, yellow gold plated, black rhodium plated, white rhodium plated, rose gold plated, or 925 sterling silver.

    Map ring, from $13.20
    Courtesy of Bubblebox
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    Spin the Globe
    This Pinterest-worthy handheld globe comes with a calligraphy lettered “adventure waits” message. It’s the ideal accessory for a travel-loving home.

    Hand-painted globe, $32.
    Courtesy of LeMarigny
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    Find Your Bags
    Give the gift of quickly being able to identify a bag out of the dreaded baggage-claim carousel. Buyers can personalize this colorful watercolor flower luggage tag with return address information and a name.

    Personalized luggage tag, $9
    Courtesy of TangerineForest
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    Travel Tags
    This distinctive solid oak luggage tag is double-sided; one side is laser engraved with a travel-inspired design, the other with identification information.

    Walnut luggage tag, $19.55
    Courtesy of RocketboyGifts
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    Write That Down
    Channel Jane Goodall with this leather field notes wallet.

    Field notes wallet, $55
    Courtesy of aseismanos
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    Scavenger Hunt
    A few of these printable travel BINGO cards are enough to share some full-blown nostalgia for childhood road trips. The cards are available for different cities, such as London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Venice.

    Travel bingo, $3.50
    Courtesy of SarahLambertCook
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    Pack Your Bags
    This weekender bag is as durable and functional as it is attractive, constructed from gray waxed duck canvas and leather handles.

    Weekender bag, $320
    Courtesy of PegandAwl
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    The Great Outdoors
    Bring a bit of the outdoors home with this Glacier National Park print, one of many in artist Mackenzie McKinney’s gorgeous collection.

    National Park Poster, from $9.95
    Courtesy of MMcKinneyDesigns
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    Protect Yourself
    Anyone who’s ever been gouged by resort shop markups will appreciate this all-natural, waterproof sunscreen. The product is safe for kids and comes in three sizes.

    Travel size sunscreen, from $6
    Courtesy of LenusHandcrafted
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    Fly Away
    Give the gift of being the most stylish person at the airport with this lariat airplane necklace. The piece comes in gold or silver and five different lengths.

    Airplane necklace, $37
    Courtesy of CharmedTraveler
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    Give the nervous (or just frequent) flier in your life a bit of extra support for those take-offs with this personalized travel charm.

    Personalized travel charm, from $28
    Courtesy of CandTCustomLures
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