14 Really Good Pie Bakeries in the United States

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14 Really Good Pie Bakeries in the United States
There’s something deliciously unpretentious about pie. Of course, its essence can be elevated with innovative flavors and refined technical skills. But at its core, the goodness of pie remains the same: crisp, buttery crust (graham or pastry), freshly made filling (cream- or fruit-based), and the appropriate topping (whipped, crumbled, or latticed). Maybe that’s why it’s such a lovable treat. At these 14 shops around the country, bakers are whipping up incredible handmade pies that range from traditionally hearty to ingeniously nuanced.
By Alina Polishuk, AFAR Contributor
Courtesy of Sugar Beach Bakeshop
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    Sugar Beach Bakeshop (Maui, HI)
    Pie might not be the first dessert that comes to mind while visiting Hawaii, but Sugar Beach Bakeshop on Maui puts out a light and custardy variety that fares well with its seaside location. The bakery’s most popular pie is the Lilikoi Lime, which fuses lilikoi (that’s Hawaiian for passion fruit) and lime to make a tart, creamy, and delicately floral treat.
    Courtesy of Sugar Beach Bakeshop
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    Ikeda’s (Auburn, CA)
    Ikeda’s, a family-run restaurant and farm store, is the ideal pitstop for any road tripper traveling along California’s 80. It may be tempting to fill up on burgers from the grill and local fruit from the market, but you can find the best of Ikeda’s in the dessert (or breakfast, depending on how you look at it). Here, it delivers on freshly baked classics—from crumble-topped mixed berry to sky-high spiced apple.
    Photo by Alina Polishuk
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    Three Babes Bakeshop (San Francisco, CA)
    Two childhood friends run the all-organic Three Babes Bakeshop in San Francisco. And although they don’t yet have a “bakeshop” per se, pie lovers can purchase their creatively deviant classics like Toffee Apple and Pumpkin Caramel Pecan from the Ferry Building farmers’ market on weekends or opt for doorstep delivery any day of the week.

    Courtesy of @threebabes
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    Pie Hole (Los Angeles, CA)
    The wild flavors on rotation at Pie Hole are probably why this bakery has four (soon-to-be five) locations scattered throughout Los Angeles. For the refined palate, there are choices like the Earl Grey Tea, which layers dark chocolate ganache and tea-infused white chocolate mousse with whipped cream and salted pistachios. There’s room for the kids and kids-at-heart at the table, too. Other favorites include the Fruity Pebble-laden Cereal Killer and the deliciously self-explanatory S’mores.
    Courtesy of Pie Hole
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    A la Mode Pies (Seattle, WA)
    Although pineapple might not make it onto a list of commonly used pie ingredients, at A la Mode, it’s a signature filling. More specifically, owner Chris Porter combines the tropical fruit with fresh blueberries, then tops it off with a thick layer of buttery coconut crumble. Other innovative flavors at A la Mode include White Chocolate Banana Cream, Apple and Ginger Pear, and Bourbon Butterscotch.
    Photo by Jackie Baisa
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    Pie Spot (Portland, OR)
    Pie holes are to pies as what doughnut holes are to doughnuts—bite-sized versions of their larger counterparts, delicious, and dangerously easy to eat. With outrageously good fillings (like silky lemon vanilla bean and decadent chocolate peanut butter), and crisp, buttery crusts, this Portland spot has the pie hole concept down pat.

    Courtesy of @piespotpdx
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    Loula’s Cafe (Whitefish, MT)
    After a day of exploring Glacier National Park, the perfect nightcap for any adventurer is a slice of tangy, fruity, thickly latticed, and sugar dusted huckleberry pie from Loula’s Café in nearby Whitefish. In our opinion, the tartness of the huckleberry filling pairs best with a scoop of fresh vanilla ice cream.

    Photo by @fieldtripsociety
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    Elaine’s at Eastside Cafe (Austin, TX)
    Though Elaine’s serves a mean pulled pork sandwich, locals flock to this cozy café for the homemade miniature pies. Here, southern classics like buttermilk and chocolate fudge get punches of unexpected flavor; Elaine embellishes the former with a splash of bourbon and fresh strawberries and spices up the latter with smoky ancho chile.
    Courtesy of Elaine’s at Eastside Cafe
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    Honeypie Cafe (Milwaukee, WI)
    According to locals, filling up too quickly on Honeypie Cafe’s tasty brunch offerings is a rookie mistake—saving room for pie is essential. The list of pies is long (like, more than 30, long), and choosing among the Black Bottom Banana, the Ginger Chai Cream, and Almond Joy might seem like a monumentally difficult task. But given Honeypie’s dedication to fresh, fine ingredients, it’s equally difficult to choose poorly.

    Photo by @honeypiecafe
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    Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits (Chicago, IL)
    In search of some edible comfort in the city of Chicago? Head to Bang Bang. Both locations of this hip eatery serve up two of America’s favorite and most butter-laden treats: biscuits and pie. The pie menu depends on what’s in season, but overall flavors range from the traditional (fresh blueberry, dark chocolate pecan) to the bold (blood orange creme topped with meringue, honey lavender custard).

    Photo by @veryhungryinchicago
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    Achatz Handmade Pie Co. (Michigan)
    Achatz, a family-run company that opened its doors in 1993, is particularly famous for one pie: the award-winning Michigan 4-Berry, which uses the state’s own tart cherries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. The result is a deep, gem-colored filling that’s zesty, sweet, and highly craveable. For those who can’t swing a weekly trip to one of the bakery’s six lower Michigan locations, there’s no reason to worry—Achatz ships its pies nationwide.
    Courtesy of Achatz Handmade Pie Co.
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    Upper Crust Pie Bakery (Kansas City, MO)
    At the Upper Crust Pie Bakery in Kansas City, sisters Jan and Elaine carry on the traditions of their grandmother, who taught them that good, wholesome ingredients are paramount when it comes making a standout pie. The sisters pay homage to their upbringing by baking family recipes every day, and their ever-popular apple pie is no exception. The filling forgos cinnamon in favor of nutmeg (as grandma preferred), and the wheat stalk design that Elaine freehands on the crust is a tribute to their childhood spent on a central Kansas farm.
    Courtesy of Upper Crust Pie Company
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    Poorhouse Pies (Underhill, VT)
    Jamie and Paula Eisenberg started selling pie out of their storage shed as a recession-era backup plan in 2009. Seven years later, pie-making is a full-time job. Sweet tooths come from near and far to pick up the Eisenbergs’ now-famed treats; flavors range from year-round classics like blueberry and chocolate, to eclectic summer one-offs like Orange Creamsicle (it was a real hit!). Despite the booming business, the shed remains—Jamie and Paula bake in their home kitchen, while customers leave money in a lockbox and write words of gratitude on a nearby notepad.
    Courtesy of Poorhouse Pies
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    Petee’s Pie Company (New York City)
    There are many, many things to love about Petee’s Pie Company. The husband-and-wife team behind the pies is committed to using as many local ingredients as possible. Their butter, flour, and honey all come from New York farms, and produce availability in the Hudson River Valley tends to determine what goes on the menu board every day. Petee’s is also open until midnight, which means late-night pie no longer has to come from the frozen section at your local grocery. But most importantly, the goods served at Petee’s are truly exceptional. The Salty Chocolate Chess, a year-round crowd pleaser, is akin to a gooey, fudgy, pie-shaped brownie.
    Photo by Donnie Tsang
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