12 Destinations You’ve Seen on Pinterest (and How to Go)

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12 Destinations You’ve Seen on Pinterest (and How to Go)
Anyone who has a Pinterest account (and a specific travel board) knows that nothing triggers wanderlust quite like scrolling through image after image of trending destinations. It seems that some travel highlights—thermal pools, oceanfront waterfalls, and igloo hotel rooms—are tailor-made for this visually driven platform. But putting together that dream Pinterest board is like window shopping: It’s nothing compared to the real thing. Here’s how to stop pinning and start planning your trip to these Pinterest-famous travel destinations—and pro tips on how to get your own photo opp.
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    1. Blue Lagoon
    Where: Grindavik, Iceland
    What: A strikingly blue geothermal spa in an Icelandic lava field.
    How: Fly into Keflavik International Airport and drive the 20 minutes to Blue Lagoon. Stay onsite at the ultra-scenic Silica Hotel; the spa’s brand-new resort complex will open later this year.
    Set up the shot: Shoot from one of the walking paths through Blue Lagoon, where you can capture both the bright-blue waters and the black volcanic rock without crowds of spa-goers in the background.
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    2. Pamukkale
    Where: Southwest Turkey
    What: A Turkish town’s cascading travertine hot-spring pools, reminiscent of a Salvador Dalí painting.
    How: Pamukkale is just under 45 miles from Denizli Çardak Airport and just over 10 miles from Denizli city center, accessible via rental car, train, or bus.
    Set up the shot: Bust out the camera at the travertine paths or (if you have the iPhone 7 or live life on the edge) from inside the pools near the top of the park, looking out over the terraces and surrounding town of Pamukkale.
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    3. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort
    Where: Saariselkä, Finland
    What: Glass-roofed igloo hotel rooms half-buried in the snow, where guests can watch the northern lights from bed.
    How: Fly through Helsinki to Ivalo Airport, a 30-minute drive from Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort.
    Set up the shot: Send a drone to capture the podlike igloos against the stark white snow.
    Courtesy of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort
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    4. McWay Falls
    Where: Big Sur, California
    What: An oceanfront waterfall in California central coast’s Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park.
    How: Get to Big Sur by renting a car and driving either from the Monterey Regional Airport or San Jose International Airport; the state park and waterfall trail are almost an hour drive south of the northernmost part of Big Sur, along Highway 1.
    Set up the shot: Snap from one of the designated overlook points along the short hike (it's only about a half-mile long).
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    5. Oia
    Where: Santorini, Greece
    What: The Greek Islands’ signature white-and-blue architecture is perhaps best viewed from the town of Oia in the northern part of Santorini.
    How: Fly into Athens and grab a taxi or bus to the Pireaus port. Then, ferry to Santorini, where you can hail a taxi, rent a car, or hop on a bus (with transfer) to Oia.
    Set up the shot: Stay at one of the three Canaves Oia (hotel, suites, and villa) properties, popular for their private pool suites, scenic views, and incomparable location.
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    6. Hohenzollern Castle
    Where: Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    What: A fairytale-worthy Prussian castle in the Swabian Alps.
    How: Rent a car and drive the 45 minutes—or take a train or bus—to Hohenzollern Castle from Stuttgart Airport.
    Set up the shot: Earn your perfect shot after a trek on the Zeller Horn mountain hiking trail.
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    7. Grand Canal
    Where: Venice, Italy
    What: Venice’s spectacular main waterway lined with palazzo-style architecture, home to a series of artistic landmarks, and traversed by the city’s world-famous gondolas.
    How: Take the Alilaguna water bus orange line from the Marco Polo Airport to the Rialto Bridge.
    Set up the shot: Set up atop the oldest bridge crossing the canal, Ponte di Rialto.
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    8. Ponte Vecchio
    Where: Florence, Italy
    What: A medieval pedestrian arch bridge that crosses the Arno River and is known for the built-in shops lining both sides of the “Old Bridge.”
    How: The Ponte Vecchio connects the area surrounding Pitti Palace and the Uffizi Gallery with the Oltrarno quarter.
    Set up the shot: Head to the Ponte alla Grazie, or the streets that line each side of the Arno River, Lungarno Generale Diaz and Via de’ Bardi.
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    9. Manarola
    Where: Cinque Terre, Italy
    What: Manarola is the second-southernmost (next to Riomaggiore) of the five fishing villages that make up this rugged stretch of Italian coast.
    How: Manarola—like all of the Cinque Terre—is most accessible by train; each town has its own station and stop along the local line.
    Set up the shot: Frame your image from Nessun Dorma restaurant’s outdoor patio, with a glass of wine (obviously).
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    10. Nā Pali Coast
    Where: Kauai, Hawaii
    What: The lush Nā Pali Coast State Park on the northwest shore of Kauai.
    How: Experienced, advanced hikers can traverse the strenuous Kalalau trail to Hanakapiai Falls; pretty much everyone else should instead opt for a boat tour along the coastline. Charters depart from Port Allen, Kukuiolono, and Hanalei Bay.
    Set up the shot: For the ultimate Pinterest shot—and the best views of the Nā Pali Coast’s waterfalls and green bluffs—splurge on a helicopter tour.
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    11. Halong Bay
    Where: Quảng Ninh Province, northeast Vietnam
    What: The UNESCO World Heritage Site marked by limestone islands, unspoiled natural beauty, mystically foggy days, and vibrant waters.
    How: From Hanoi, travelers visiting independently can taxi, drive, or bus to Halong City, where boat tours and cruises across Halong Bay most commonly depart. For those looking to put the logistics in the hands of a professional, book a tour from Hanoi to the bay’s largest island, Cat Ba.
    Set up the shot: Get your snap from Ti Top Island, a popular stop along local tours.
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    12. Horseshoe Bend
    Where: Page, Arizona
    What: A horseshoe-shaped section of the Colorado River carved into a natural sandstone and rock mineral canyon.
    How: Horseshoe Bend is most easily accessible by car or guided tour; it’s located about two-and-a-half hours from Grand Canyon Village and two hours from Flagstaff.
    Set up the shot: Starting from the main overlook at the end of the Horseshoe Bend trail, take a one-and-a-half mile round-trip hike beginning just off Highway 89.
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