10 Ways to Soak Up the Beautiful Outdoors at Terranea Resort

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10 Ways to Soak Up the Beautiful Outdoors at Terranea Resort
Not for nothing did Magellan name the water that surrounds southern California’s Palos Verdes Peninsula “Mar Pacifico.” What’s more pacifying than a shimmery, undulating expanse of cobalt punctuated by leaping dolphins and breaching whales? So you could certainly be forgiven for wanting to peace out at Terranea—a bluff-top, vista-blessed resort on said peninsula. For all the appeal of lolling on your ocean-side balcony, however, there’s so much to do here that you should summon the energy to explore. From stand-up paddle boarding to lessons in falconry, here are 10 recommendations to get you going.
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    Go Whale Watching
    Welcome to whale central. You’re staying alongside a corridor that Pacific grays turn into a superhighway for much of the year as they migrate from Baja to Alaska. And though you can often spot the behemoth beauties from shore, a boat will get you even closer. Terranea’s go-to tours are helmed by captains who are experts on not just the whales, but other local sea life as well. So consider this a launch-and-learn experience.
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    Hit the Waves
    The water around Terranea harbors all kinds of intrigue—not least, the creatures that get exposed during low tide. In fact, these giant sea anemones, sea stars, mussels, snails, and crabs make tide pooling a cult favorite activity here. But so is surfing. In fact, it’s legendary on the South Bay peninsula, and you’ll see why once you hit the waves with the resort’s recommended instructors (or on your own if you’re already a surfer). It’s also worth taking advantage of your proximity to the Catalina Channel underwater reserve by setting out on a kayaking tour among the resident dolphins, sea lions, leopard sharks, and bat rays.
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    Get Schooled in Falconry
    Not all wildlife adventures here require getting in the water. There’s also a beloved falconry program, wherein you learn about—and see demos by—quite the cast of avian characters. Brought to the resort as eco-friendly seagull bouncers, these Jeer and Peregrine Falcons, Harris’s Hawks, and Eurasian Eagle Owls make up the team that keeps the resort and restaurants gull-free.
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    Work Out with a View
    However addictive your regular cycling studio may be, chances are, it doesn’t occupy an oceanfront terrace—as does Terranea’s. So be forewarned that if you attend the resort’s Seaside Cycle class, you may find it hard to come back to the reality of everyday pedaling pursuits. Other inspiring ways to stay fit while staying at Terranea include Aqua Zumba, Full Moon Yoga, and Yo-Chi.
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    Paddle Board Like the Locals
    When in SoCal, paddle boarding is practically a requirement. And the Terranea version of this quintessential local activity comes with a bonus: sprawling, stunning kelp beds—often dubbed underwater rain forests—that draw all manner of marine life. So as you make your way through the occasionally hidden coves, don’t be surprised to spot sea lions, dolphins, and bright orange garibaldi fish, among others.
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    Take a Wildlife Walk
    The Palos Verdes Peninsula is laced with hundreds of hiking trails, many of which wind through nature preserves and ultimately lead to views of the Pacific, Catalina Island, and the Channel Islands. But you don’t have to go off-site for wondrous walks. The Discovery Trail around Terranea (and the naturalist who accompanies you on it) may introduce you to the endangered El Segundo Blue Butterflies that live in the dune buckwheat, the Hooded Orioles that nest in the California Fan Palms at nearby Point Vicente Lighthouse, or the California Brown Pelicans that fly missions along the shore.
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    Get Your Golf Game On
    Only the most laser-focused golfers are impervious to the Pacific panoramas that surround the award-winning Links at Terranea. Everyone else, prepare to be at least slightly off your game at this distractingly gorgeous, nine-hole, par-3 golf course.
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    Seek Out the Sea Cave
    Beach Cove beckons for both the water sport ops (kayaking and paddle boarding trips launch from here) and the photo ops. From this sandy stretch of shoreline—where you'll also find loungers, umbrellas, music, and games—you can access one of the most iconic sights on property: the sea cave. You'll have to proceed with caution and climb a few rocks, but you'll be rewarded with this most Insta-worthy of views.
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    Pick Your Pool
    The definition of an immersive experience, Terranea offers up not just an ocean, but several pools. Then again, the Resort Pool is essentially an ocean unto itself, what with its 5,000 square feet. (Slightly less oceanic: its 140-foot waterslide and jumping splash pad.) Then there's the saltwater Vista Pool, the cabana-happy Spa Pool and the adults-only cielo point Pool. NB: This last spot is where you go when you're craving a cocktail more than a cardio workout.
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    Treat Yourself Naturally
    No local exploration would be complete without a foray into the 50,000 square feet that make up the Spa, Salon, and Fitness and Wellness Center. To abide by the treatment menu's organizing principle—that is, your own circadian rhythms—you may want to reserve, say, circuit training for the first part of the day. That way, you'll keep your afternoons and evenings clear for the likes of Passage, a 90-minute treatment that combines warm marine pillows—each filled with soothing algae—and aromatherapeutic massage.