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10 Gifts to Inspire the Global Host

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10 Gifts to Inspire the Global Host
It’s tough shopping for well-traveled friends—they’ve already been everywhere, seen everything, and picked up souvenirs along the way. Shopping for well-traveled friends who also love entertaining, however, is a pleasure: If the gift is beautiful, functional, and has a story, they’ll love it. Here are 10 suggestions to make sure you’re name is at the top of the next invite list.

By Ashlea Halpern, AFAR Contributor
Courtesy of Stellar Works
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    Valet Bar Cart
    Designer David Rockwell’s Mad Men–esque bar cart feels modern thanks to contemporary flourishes like brass-plated stainless steel and supple leather pouches for bottle storage. It’s the ultimate splurge for a passionate home bartender. $1,390 from Stellar Works
    Courtesy of Stellar Works
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    Dimes Peppermill

    This one-of-a-kind peppermill, inspired by the colorful work of Polish artist André Cadere, was designed by a cofounder of the health-conscious Manhattan diner Dimes. Each tower is hand-turned in Pennsylvania using local wood and then hand-painted in NYC’s Chinatown. $120 from Dimes
    Courtesy of Dimes
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    Shimmerware High Glasses
    Iridescent barware that shimmers like a mermaid’s tail is perfect for showboating hosts. Once they pour in a cocktail, the electroplated glass tumblers are Instagram gold—no filter necessary. $60 for a set of four from MoMA
    Courtesy of MoMa
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    Meteorite Utensils
    Italian architecture firm Baciocchi Associati designed this handsome cutlery set for Nilufar Gallery in Milan. The sculptural flatware comes in range of stone options, including aquamarine amazonite, dusty pink charoite, and sherbet eosite. Price upon request from Baciocchi
    Courtesy of Baciocchi
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    Sumuji Candle Holder
    For the host who appreciates Nordic minimalism (with a touch of Danish hygge), Finnish designer Erja Hirvi’s cast-iron candle holder is both smartly designed and utilitarian. 
$130 from Garmentory
    Courtesy of Garmentory
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    Ico Bottle Opener
    With 20 faces and three sides on this polished brass icosahedron, the Ico is like gifting your host multitple bottle openers in one. The coolest part? It’s printed using 3-D technology by the good folks at the Fort Standard design studio in Brooklyn. $195 from OTHR
    Courtesy of OTHR
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    Lava Rock Coasters
    Hand your host a little slice of Bali with these striking lava rock coasters with brass inlays. The lava was naturally sourced after eruptions at Indonesia’s Mount Batur and Mount Agung. $29 from West Elm
    Courtesy of West Elm
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    Nonna Box Italian Foods Subscription
    Calling all Italophiles: This monthly Italian foods subscription boxes up five to seven hard-to-find food products from different regions in Italy and delivers them right to your doorstep. Included in each mailing is a recipe from a legit Italian grandmother, scratch notes on the featured culinary region, and recommendations for wine pairings from a local sommelier. Tuscany, Piedmont, and Puglia have all been boxed in the past, and the enclosed artisanal products have included everything from EVOO to organic handmade orecchiette. $42 for a month-to-month subscription from Nonna Box
    Courtesy of Nonna Box
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    Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits
-averse entertainers needn’t go thirsty. When combined with tonic, these alcohol-free “spirits,” distilled in England, offer a quenching base for cocktails. Made with peas, hay, rosemary, thyme, and spearmint, the Garden 108 is summery and herbaceous. For a more festive holiday concoction, the Spice 94 delivers with notes of allspice, cardamom, and oak. $40 from Food52
    Courtesy of Food52
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    Koki Ice Cream Scoop
    With a sleek mirrored finish and silky-smooth curves, Italian designer Valerio Sommella made this ice-cream scooper dangerously delicious. It’s also functional—the handle is long enough for your host to put a dent in even the deepest tubs of gelato. $60 from Alessi
    Courtesy of Alessi
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