1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge: An Insider’s Tour

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1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge: An Insider’s Tour
The architects and designers of the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge offer a behind-the-scenes tour of the hotel.
By Jenn Flowers, AFAR Staff
Courtesy of 1 Hotels
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    Homegrown Designers
    The guest rooms at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge showcase homegrown talent. “Practically everything that you see is made in Brooklyn,” says Waad el Hadidy, one of the key designers behind 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. “The bed, the closet, and the table were handmade by Benchmark, the lighting fixtures are Lukas Lighting, and the soccer ball-shaped leather ottoman is furniture maker Moses Nadel. All of them want to experiment and try out new things that are more sustainable. That white table near the window that Benchmark made, for example, is made with OSB, oriented strand board, which is made from leftover shredded pieces of wood, but it looks like limestone.”
    Courtesy of 1 Hotels
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    Industrial Touches
    These glass blocks that line the walls of a suite were handmade by local glassblowers Romina Gonzales and Edison Zapata. “They used actual bricks that lined the furnaces of their studio and cast them,” says Hadidy. “They essentially blew the glass into a stack of bricks. You’ll notice that each brick has a different number that represents the temperature for the particular furnace that brick was used for.”
    By Jennifer Flowers
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    Letting the Outside In
    The 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge sits right next to Brooklyn’s new riverfront park, which became a central factor in the design of the hotel. “One of the first things we decided architecturally was that we wanted people to stand outside and take in the park and take in the city,” says Jonathan Marvel, the principal of Marvel Architects who worked with Starwood Capital on the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. “We couldn’t afford balconies and didn’t want to clutter up the facade with them, so instead we chose a sliding door window system that allows you to have the air come in. Open it, and all of a sudden the city skyline is right there—you can practically reach out and grab it.”
    Courtesy of 1 Hotels
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    Casual Luxury
    For Adam Rolston, the creative director of INC Architecture Design who led the interior design of 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, the polygonal shape of the building posed a unique challenge. “We are architects and we really like to line things up,” says Rolston. “But the unusual shape of the building encouraged a kind of casualness of things coming together.”
    Courtesy of 1 Hotels
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    Raw Beauty
    Natural materials, from concrete columns and beams to untreated wood, dominate the aesthetic of the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. “Nothing gets painted,” says Jonathan Marvel, the principal of Marvel Architects who worked on 1 Hotels Brooklyn Bridge. “We believe that paint is not a material. We want the intrinsic colors and textures to play off each other.”
    Courtesy of 1 Hotels
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    Reclaimed Materials
    More than 50 percent of 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is made up of reclaimed materials—no small accomplishment for the team behind this new-build property. “The challenging thing about building with reclaimed materials is you can’t just pick up the phone and order it,” says Kemper Hyers, the SVP of design for Starwood Capital Group, which developed the 1 Hotels brand. “Over the last five years that we’ve been working on this project, the minute something cool became available, we bought it and held it.” That includes bourbon casks from Old Crow Distillery in Kentucky, which were used for the guest room floors (pictured).
    Courtesy of 1 Hotels