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Ziwa Yoga Retreat

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My Yoga Retreat To Bali Marga  Indonesia

My Yoga Retreat To Bali

Being an employee in a hustling, bustling company tends to take its toll after a while. The immense work load that I was given has resulted in a high stress level for me. The result was depression. I eventually became rude to the people around me and this also affected my interaction with members of the opposite sex. Being a bachelor with a really poor attitude is a really fast way to be a lady repellant. It might sound quite hysterical but it is sadly true: no lady wanted to be with a person who saddened the mood and yelled all the time. My professional and social life was at risk and that was when I just decided to hit the pause button. I took some time to just reflect on what exactly was going on with me. I asked a friend of mine on what I should do to be able to overcome and recover from this violent persona that I had turned into. That was when he told me that I should definitely go on a retreat. I had always had this negative notion that a retreat was only taken by women, and that is was less masculine to even think about going to a retreat. I had expected my friend to tell me to resort to drinking, but I was deeply shocked when he told me that a retreat totally worked for him. Adam further advised me to go to the same retreat that he had attended the year before which was actually a yoga retreat in Bali. Wow, a yoga retreat in Bali that was totally unexpected as that's like on a whole different continent from ours. If he was cured of the same violence and rudeness that I suffered from, then perhaps there could also be some hope of redemption for me. That very day I booked myself a ticket to Bali and booked a reservation. The trip to Bali was really long and tedious but the flight attendants made it quite bearable as they made sure that all my needs were catered for. I felt my previous world start to slip away, just knowing I had made this change. I spent most of the journey asleep and the other half of it just staring at the sky, a sky that seemed like it was just a touch away. Most of the time I just stared into the horizon. Such majestic beauty. Finally, I was in Bali.

Bali was a really nice place, and has a really rich sense of culture and tradition. Upon exiting the airport I took a cab that took me to the resort. The driver was very friendly and he also told me that the people in Bali were very welcoming to foreigners and this was quite clear as the people who were on the streets waved at us and smiled at us as we passed them. The buildings in Bali were very ancient and were of a completely different architectural design from the ones that were back home. Personally I was quite impressed by this and I therefore had to take numerous pictures as a reminder of the experience.

I finally arrived at the resort where I was received with very welcoming attendants. They took my bags and I was offered refreshments as well. The thought of being very far away from my place of work even if it was just for a few days was already reducing the stress that I had.

At the reception I was asked to leave my gadgets with them as the resort had a no technology policy. 'Is this a miniature version of heaven?' I pondered as I willingly gave out my phone, watch and other electronics. I was given a set of clothes that were vintage like and they resembled those that were worn by monks in the Kung fu movies. The first activity that I indulged was a soothing meditation session. I was taken to a very serene place after I had unpacked my things. The place that I was taken to was very peaceful and serene and here I was able to think upon my life and was able to be shown how to release the negative energy in my body. Next was the wellness sessions whereby the attendants encouraged me to embrace true health and peace of mind. This was truly what I needed.

Thirdly, there were the fun surfing lessons. I had always dreamt of surfing and swimming in the ocean and here I was at a yoga resort in Bali surfing my brains out. This was truly an experience. I also engaged in yoga of course. Yoga was the essence of peace and relaxation and it really freed my mind, body and soul. My thoughts were finally at peace and they harmoniously coexisted in unison. The retreat center also had soothing music that I was not familiar of but the attendants told me that most of the songs were native and that they were meant to interact with the inner spirit of each individual. They were literally blowing my mind with all this rich sense of culture. Honestly I was slightly jealous as where I came from had no deep sense or roots in tradition. The yoga retreat provided detox services which at first I was unwilling to try out but as I was trying new things I just did it. With each layer of dirt scraped from my skin brought me closer to a renewal that I had never felt before. The food that I was offered there was really amazing as most of it was quite new and to me. I was in love with Bali's deep love for culture and preservation of tradition.