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Zapata Falls

The Winterized Zapata Falls
Sooo, when I first moved to Alamosa CO, it was the beginning of February, meaning still slightly cold, but warming up. Everyone kept telling me that there was a waterfall within driving distance of Alamosa, so me and my hubby went on a little adventure. We found the Zapata Falls sign ( it's quite small) and followed the blazing trail up this long, winding path. Once we parked the car, we grabbed Angel (our Siberian Husky just in case there were any scary animals in the area) and headed up the rocky path. A very short hike later and we were walking on the frozen brook that led into the cavern of the mountain. It was sooo beautiful in there! The waterfall was completely frozen over, and it looked like a giant ice wall. You could actually see and hear the water rushing behind the thinnest part of the ice wall. It was so cool, and we got so many great pictures! Who would've thought that this awesome waterfall was within 30 minutes of Alamosa? Oh, and did I mention it's free to visit?:)