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Zandvoort, Netherlands

The stunning beach on the North Sea at Zaandvoort

Where and what is Zaandvoort?

Zaandvoort is a seaside town just 44mins from Amsterdam, and just 10mins from Haarlem, so it is prime real estate and definitely easy to get to.
The village was largely based on fishing for many centuries, and then it became highly popular for the wealthy and famous as a seaside resort, which it remains to this day, but for all people. The beaches on the North Sea are long and inviting and a nice change from the more bustling areas of the Netherlands.

Zaandvoort is beaches, sand dunes, deer, quaint little coffee shops and restaurants, boutique shops as well as a very active arts community, and real beachside dining – sand in the feet, water lapping restaurants. It is also the home of the old Grand Prix track, and is still a very active racing circuit. Our friend Alfred has a fierce car that he built himself and does rallies in, having recently competed in a gruelling one. He took Gordon at break neck speed around the village. Apparently he clocks up some big speeds! Interestingly the Dutch have dedicated radio stations that tell you exactly where the police radars are and the majority of drivers have these on permanently. Interesting!