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Yunnan Vegetarian Restaurant

Yunnan Vegetarian Comes to Shenzhen
The new SeaWorld, recently renovated and surrounded by fountains, is just 10-15 minutes from Windows of the World. SeaWorld is a boat that has a hotel, bar, and restaurant. At night there's a show with music and fire.

The decor of SeaWorld's restaurant, Yunnan Vegetarian, is very well done. There's beautiful Tibetan-style painted chairs, little buddha statues, and a tree of lights overhead.

This picture is a dish featuring lichen moss, which grows wild on the mountains of Yunnan. The dish also contains peppers and wild flowers, and is marinated in a complex sesame/chili dressing that would never allow you to believe that you're eating moss.

I also like the rice that comes in a sizzling stone bowl with very rare mushrooms, known as the "truffles of China." from Yunnan.

They haven't put up many signs in SeaWorld, so I will try to guide you towards the restaurant: walk towards the boat and turn right when you get to it. If you look up, you'll see a place called the Tavern. Walk up the stairs towards the Tavern and you'll see the restaurant.

Shekou, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China