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Yi Yuan Nan Lu

Yi Yuan Nan Lu, KeCun, Haizhu Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China
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Taste Succulent Chinese Food with One Word and One Dollar Guangzhou  China

Taste Succulent Chinese Food with One Word and One Dollar

There's a street in Guangzhou called Yi Yuan Nan Lu. If you ignore the baffling Chinese tones, this could mean "One Yuan (the Chinese currency) South Road." I don't think the street could have a more fitting name since it's the place to go for spectacular arrays of cheap food.

Ever since I accidentally came across this street two months ago, I've made it my end-of-the-week celebration. I squeeze between people and zigzag between cars, trucks, and motorbikes trying to cross between the rows of stands and restaurants to get some of my favorite dishes in all of China.

My top five? The super-garlicky oysters, the mantis prawns cooked right in front of you (even the constant prickling my fingers must endure can't deter me from savoring that sweet and umami delicacy), the Taiwanese pancakes with bacon, the sheep dumplings, and the ridiculously long--and weirdly translucent--noodles that you must swallow whole. The taro desserts make a good end to the meal. And I always quench my thirst with a fresh juice from the lemon place.

If you come across a place that has a menu and it's all in Chinese, just point and "zhe ge" it. "Zhe ge" (pronounced something like "juh guh") means "this" and is the saving grace of any non-Chinese speaking person hoping to get anything in China.