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Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

Napo Wildlife Center
This place is amazing. I spent 4 days here and could not have asked for a better vacation. The cabins a beautiful and spacious, the guides are expert wildlife spotters and the food is delicious.
Napo Wildlife Center and Yasuni Kichwa Ecolodge
I spent one night at the Yasuni Kichwa Ecolodge and two nights at Napo Wildlife Center. I would recommend both of these hotels which work together with the local Kichwa community. The guides and staff at both hotels are Kichwa which allows them to be closer to their families and helps the community in a big way financially.

The Yasuni Kichwa Ecolodge is located in the Kichwa community on the Napo River while the Napo Wildlife Center is located deeper in the jungle. Guests must take one of the Napo River tributaries to reach the Napo Wildlife Center and this is done in a canoe. The canoe ride in itself is an incredible experience. We saw several species of monkeys and an anaconda on the way to the hotel, and on the return trip to Coca, we saw a 3 meter long black caiman crossing the tributary about 2 meters in front of our canoe! A once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Napo Wildlife Center and Yasuni Kichwa Ecolodge Orellana  Ecuador

Coca, Ecuador
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Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm