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Yang's Fry-Dumpling

Juicy Bite of Heaven in a Dumpling
Shanghai's famed dumplings are an amalgamation of blazing hot oil juicy dumpling innards filled with tender pork making them the most delicious bite of foodie heaven.

As much hype surrounds Yang's fried dumpling, don't take my word for it, try it for yourself next time you're in Shanghai. Shanghai's other dumpling joints have nothing on this local chain.

While waiting in line at Yang's, it's quite fun to watch the chefs furiously making the shen jian bao. A chef uses are large flat pan to pan-fry dozens of dumplings sprinkled with sesame seeds, water and oil. This creates a hollowing effect and the meat inside fills up with delicious hot, soupy goodness. For roughly $2-$3 U.S., you'll be served four to six delicious dumplings.

Make sure you check out the Jing'an location near the on Nanjing Rd. subway exit for the best tasting dumplings. I've been to some of the other outlets, which weren't as good. If you're up for it, also try their curry (very light) vermicelli soup with thin slices of seasoned beef—it's delicious!
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