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Tofu on a stick food on the go. Do it its good for you!
As a vegetarian i have to say that when i noticed as i was running around West Lake or Xī Hú in Hangzhou that they had tofu on a stick it felt like heaven opened up and the tablets of moses came down.

Well ok not so dramatic but it was a nice healthy treat to eat on the go. Around the West Lake or Xī Hú in Hangzhou there were numerous food stands that had them. But honestly i was so hungry i dont care if it wasn't organic, non gmo or what ever i was just hungry. It was boiling hot with some sort of brown sauce not sure what it was, could have had some meet base not sure, but it was tasty. they also had a red corn on the cob which was also good. Oh yea they did have assorted fish and some places did have meets.

Now i dont know if it was coincidence or not but every time i bought one of these i noticed the Chinese tourist give me a stare and head to the food stand like bees on honey. Either they were as hungry as i was, or they must of thought "wow if the whitie likes it, it must be good!"

Magical Impression West Lake
Arrived 15 minutes before the show on a chilly December evening in 2012. Bundled up and chose to sit outside for a better view instead of the more expensive seats inside we purchased in advance. The colorful lights, beautiful music, wonderful singing and the talented actors/musicians were amazing. The 90 minutes flew by and we loved the story and the performance.

West Lake, Xihu, Hangzhou, China