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虾子羊肉粉 (Little Shrimp Mutton Noodles)

Shanghai Rd, Huichuan Qu, Zunyi Shi, Guizhou Sheng, China, 563002
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Try the mutton noodles, a Zunyi specialty Zunyi  China

Try the mutton noodles, a Zunyi specialty

When you ask locals in Zunyi about their local contribution to Guizhou cuisine, they mention Yang Rou Fen (羊肉粉 / Mutton Noodles). You can find the dish served throughout Zunyi and other parts of central Guizhou, but the Little Shrimp shop is my standby.
Fen comes in infinite flavors and shapes and refers to any type of noodle made from any type of flour. But for this dish the fen is a thick, soft, cylindrical rice flour noodle.
The noodles are served in a tomato/chili/mutton stock soup, and topped with shaved mutton, green chilies, scallions, cilantro, and red chili flakes. It's seriously spicy if you're not used to so much chili, but it's hearty, and the mutton is a nice break from pork, which is the meat of choice in most Chinese dishes.
Eat it anytime, but especially in winter. Mutton is considered a "hot" food, and the spicy soup can give you a boost on a cold day.