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Wushipu Oil Painting Village

146号 Wushipu'erli
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Replica Painting Village Xiamen  China

Replica Painting Village

China's coast is dotted with cities specializing in the manufacture of one particular commodity—be it shoes, toys, or iPhones. Xiamen is known for something a little different—oil paintings. For decades, graduates of Xiamen's art schools have painted near-identical replicas of famous oil paintings by the likes of Van Gogh and Monet. What they lack in creativity they make up for in attention to detail. Many of the replicas could pass for originals in the eyes of a casual observer. A significant share of the world's knock off oil paintings come from right here in Xiamen; hotels are some of the biggest customers. For around $100-200 you too can own a hand-painted work of art.

In recent years, rising rents on Xiamen island have driven the larger art factories out to Xiamen's suburban Haicang District (海沧区) on the mainland. But the original Wushipu Oil Painting Village (乌石浦油画村) is still home to hundreds of painters and is more conveniently located for tourists on the main island. The "village" is actually just warren of concrete apartment buildings like any other, but the first and second floor apartments are full of painters at work. Visitors are welcome to browse, and shop. The area is also home to several stores selling easels, paints, canvases, and other accoutrements of art. Inside the apartment complex just west of the intersection of Nanshan South Road and Wushipu Second Road 南山南路乌石浦二里路口西的小区.