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Wrigley Field

Historic Wrigley Field
Steeped in history, loved my many, loathed by some, and sorely in need of a championship, Wrigley Field is a true cornerstone of the always controversial sporting world. No trip to Chicago is complete without a visit to this monument to to baseball and Chicago. Snag tickets and enter the much-lauded venue, or simply meander around the area and take in the antics of locals 'doing what they do' on game day; you'll be entertained regardless. And by the way, there is a game going on too, in case you didn't notice. 

Best Place to Meet Chicago Locals: Wrigley Field Bleachers
Want to meet a local in Chicago? Go to Wrigley Field and sit in the bleachers. Almost anyone will talk to you there. We had about 8 people in a conversation about American and Canadian geography in the stands. All you have to do is ask someone about how baseball works and you'll have a two hour conversation. Though the game would have been enough, talking to others made the experience so much more enriching. The bleachers really aren't high up (depending on where you sit) and you're guaranteed to get a good view of the game. Honestly, being at Wrigley was one of my favourite experiences in Chicago. Amazing.

Big city bucket list
My work takes me to Skokie, IL--a suburb of Chicago--every so often, and on this particular trip I took the time to actually see Chicago. Having only tacked on 48 hours to my stay I crammed in Chi-town's biggest attractions as best I could. To me, seeing major sports teams on their home turf is one of the most exciting aspects of experiencing big cities, and Wrigley Field was no exception. There's nothing quite like devouring pizza and beer while cheering among die-hard locals. I'll jump on any team's band wagon to experience that camaraderie, enthusiasm, and action. It makes the game so much more intense and you get a feel for that town's sense of pride. The Cubs won too, which didn't hurt.

Go Cubs Go
There's no place like this. Some Chicagoans claim to be Sox fans but at my visit to Wrigley Field i saw that the true fans of the cubs were long time die hard followers that rooted for their home team. We barely made it into the game. They lost but spirits were still sky high. There is a multitude of outrageously fun bars going off at all hours of the day after the first pitch is thrown. If stopping in Chicago, definitely make it to a Cubs game to get the full feel of the city. PS try to sneak a flask in, beer costs a pretty penny.

It doesn't get more classic than a Chicago hot dog at Wrigley Field
The Chicago hot dog was the third best thing that I ate on this trip. It's $6.25 for a Chicago Hot Dog - with onions but for the experience, entirely worth it. I topped the dog with pickled peppers, mustard - no ketchup-, relish and tomatoes. It totally hit the spot. Hot Dog. Beer. Cubs Game. Wrigley Field. It really doesn't get any more American or better than that. I was so happy.

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