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World Buddhist Museum

Kandy's International Buddhist Museum
Conveniently situated directly behind the famous Temple of the Tooth, and for only 500rps, the International Buddhist Museum is a must see. Unfortunately, there is no photography at the museum, but this allowed me to really absorb the material rather than photo-journal the entire visit!

It must have been a slow day since I was given a thorough tour of the first few permanent exhibits explaining the history of Buddhism throughout the world. Afterward, I was left to wander freely through over 20 rooms, where one country curates its own exhibit. It's amazingly put together and interesting how each decides to use their allotted space. Whether deliberate or not, the presentations vary from very simple, spiritual, lovely to gaudy, all with the intention to impress of course.

I love a good museum shop at the end of my visit and this one shouldn’t be missed. Prices are set and the goods are as nice as a market's or street vendor's. Bonus: the shop is air conditioned, so you can browse without breaking a sweat.
Old Courts Building, Kandy, Sri Lanka