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Woojung's Bibimbap

Woojung's Bimbimbap
Spice burned on my lips and tongue, soothed only by dipping my next bite of the rice smorgasbord into a cool red broth in a silver bowl brought out by the waitress along with pickled radishes and kimchi. At first I just stared at the broth wondering how to use it-- sip, dip, or dump all over the bap? Luckily a quick glance at two college aged kids (who I later read online are big fans of the family-owned chain) showed me the ropes. I stumbled upon the shop while wandering around the brightly lit alleys of Seomyeon in the rain sans umbrella. Exactly what I was looking for-- that crisp snap of bean sprouts and julienned cucumbers (maybe zucchini?) mixed with spicy sauce over piping hot rice made all the more creamy by the barely cooked center of a fried egg.