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Mercat de Sant Josep - La Boqueria

La Rambla, 91
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When You're Tired of Eating All That Ham... Barcelona  Spain

When You're Tired of Eating All That Ham...

It isn't all fresh fish, Iberico ham, and crusty bread at La Boqueria off La Rambla in Barcelona. Smack dab in the middle of the complex (when we were there, at least) were a pair of huge vendors selling all kinds of sweets, sours, chocolates of all types, and any combination of those you could hope for. It's an oasis of sugar -- sone would say a paradise -- so comprehensive it would induce an arrhythmia in your dentist and give your pancreas the workout it deserves. Within seconds of me approaching the place, sensing my interest (weakness?), an attendant had shoved a plastic bag in my hand, repeating, "Pick, please..." which was her way of saying "get what you want and move it along, son." I did not consider her unfriendly; this stand had potential customers three-deep along its perimeter and the salespeople know they have to keep things flowing. The best part is that this stuff all tastes very high-end but costs nowhere near what you would expect. My choices were a bag of mint macarons, another bag of sweet/sour ribbons, some phenomenal mini-chocolate toffee bars, and a bag of some kind of chocolate/peanut butter/cayenne pepper amalgamation so ridiculously good I almost freaking cried. I mean, I had to buy something -- you know, just because I felt guilty for taking the picture...