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Wheeling, IL, USA

A Dawg Gone Good Time

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Superdawg! Started way back in '48, this humble hotdog stand was started so that the owner could work his way through school. With the original location being on Devon and Milwaukee, after many years the owners, Maurie and Flaurie Berman, decided that a second spot should be erected, and in 2010 the second Superdawg was opened for business. Harkening back to the original, retro, drive-in dining experience, Superdawg encourages you to just pull on in, toss in an order, and food arrives at your door via a food runner—just like in the old days. With a dizzying array of choices ranging from hotdogs to burgers to fries to desserts, it's a sure thing that you will frequent this time warp travel destination whenever you have the chance. And if you want new-age eats with your old-school vibe, they also have a selection of grilled fish and chicken sandwiches, as well as 'Superveggies,' a big box of mixed battered vegetables. Who said vegetables can't be fun?

Superdawg, 333 S. Milwaukee Avenue, Wheeling. 847-459-1900