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Whale Shark Tours

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Swim with the Big Fish in Cancun

From May to September, one of the most exciting activities throughout the area, is swimming with whale sharks. Measuring up to 40 ft. and weighing up to 15 tons, they are drawn to these waters to feed on plankton, providing an opportunity for visitors to get "up close and personal" with them. There's nothing to worry about. Really! They're more interested in feeding than they are in you. You'll be taken out to sea, given a life vest and will be assisted by a capable guide who will literally hold your hand and lead you around these gentle giants once you're in the water. Tour operators offer excursions, which can be booked through your hotel, or directly with tour operators. Some recommended whale shark tour operators include:
Cancun Whale Shark Tours
EcoColors Tours
Mexico Whale Shark

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AFAR Local Expert
almost 6 years ago

Swimming With Gentle Giants

For a real change of pace when visiting Cancun and the Riviera Maya, indulge in the ultimate adventure by swimming with whale sharks - the gentle giants of the ocean. Whale sharks are in the area from May - September, although they are most prevalent in July and August when the plankton they feed on is most abundant. Measuring up to 40 ft and weighing up to 15 tons, they don't have teeth and pose no threat to humans. Their mouths - which can extend up to five feet - are always open so that they can filter out enough plankton and small fish needed to feed their enormous bodies. When you're swimming nearby, just don't make any sudden movements and make sure to stay away from their tails so that they don't 'slap' you accidentally when they turn to swim away. Several companies in the area have tours, which can be booked through your hotel concierge or directly at the dock. Tours typically leave at dawn. This is no ordinary snorkeling trip, but it is one you'll never forget.
over 7 years ago

Sneaky Snorkling

Swimming with these harmless sharks is an experience to remember. The gentle giants are incredible to see in their natural habitat. Flotation gear is required for all whale shark tours leaving from Isla Mujeres, however a wetsuit counts! Bring your own and save yourself from having to wear a big bulky life jacket, it will make the experience 100% more enjoyable.