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Westvleteren, 8640 Vleteren, Belgium
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The trio of almost impossible to get beer Vleteren  Belgium

The trio of almost impossible to get beer

The Westvleteren Brewery is a Belgian brewery founded in 1838 inside the Trappist Abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren in the municipality of Vleteren.
The brewery and its beers are usually referred to as Westvleteren. The brewery's three beers, Westvleteren 8, Westvleteren 12 and Westvleteren Blonde, have acquired an international reputation for taste and quality.

Part of the reason why this beer is so appreciated is also due to the fact that is extremely hard to find outside the Abbey. The monks don’t make the beer for profit but to sustain their way of life.
The beer is purchased only by order, by calling the beer line. The Abbey will make a few crates of beer available for sale once or two times a month. Whether it’s the Blonde, the 8 or the 12, it’s all up to them and what they have available. Sometimes you have to wait months until they sell some.
The process of getting it is not an easy one. You have to call the beer line for two hours, only on the designated dates.
Just so you understand how hard it is to get through, I once called sixteen hundred times in the two hours provided and did not get through. It took me three different dates and over two thousand calls to get through and order some beer. Once you get through you must leave your name, phone number and car registration number and at pick up you must drive there in the car with the registration number you provided them. Next order is possible after 60 days have passed.