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West Hollywood

1049 N Fairfax Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90046, USA

WeHo Wonderings

West Hollywood is an addictive place. At once vibrant and laid back, sleek and rebellious; WeHo, as it’s affectionately known, invariably lives up to the expectations that have been set on the big screen. Because few people come here unaware of the destination’s celebrity credentials, and few people come here without any expectations at all. Which means WeHo has to work that bit harder to impress. Yet, impress it does, time and time again.

From the famed shopping boulevards to the rooftop cocktail bars; WeHo just gets it. Sure, the year-round sunshine helps, but this is a city whose cultural, gourmet and natural allures speak for themselves. Stay in WeHo and you’ll never be far from the beach. Stay in WeHo and you’ll have a list of luxury hotels to choose from. Stay in WeHo and you’ll discover exactly why people dream of living here.

It’s a city that (and please excuse the cliché) you really do need to experience to believe. Right now I’m betting your dreams of this sunny place rely on what you’ve seen on reality shows and block buster films. Now I want you to see that it really is as good as your dreams dictate.