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Warren Wilson College

Learn to contradance in Asheville
Enjoy being flung around by energetic, enthusiastic partners? You don't? I bet you change your mind when you've tried a contradance. This is folk dancing with vim, vigour and a large application of centrifugal force. The weekly dance at Warren Wilson college takes place in the gym on cold nights, but the evening I went it was in the bandstand, under a mesh of fairy lights. The regulars are generous and newcomers are welcomed - they'll help you pick up the steps, or at least fling you gamely in the right direction. There's a gleefully anarchic feel to the whole evening - Warren Wilson is known as an eccentric place and sure enough, the night I visited there were plenty of men in masks, skirts or even, on one occasion, a pink silk nightgown.
Swannanoa, NC 28778, USA