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Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

301 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA
| +1 212-355-3000

Time Warp: Dodging Security at the Historic Waldorf

With my home in west coast Canada it can be hard to find a good deal to New York. One of the best times to go when in search for a deal are the few days after (not on or before) the 4th of July. This is the time when the locals flock to the Hamptons and deals are abound.
I was lucky enough to find a deal at the Waldorf, although the room I stayed in was a far cry from anything we saw in the movies.
At this time the Waldorf had ceased their hotel historic tours so I took it upon myself to open closed doors and hide from the security who wanted the history to themselves.

1 am, right after I retired from the Bull and Bear Bar I decided to exit the elevator on the 2nd floor where not all doors are locked and various ballrooms transport you back to 1950's New York. In the image you can see the Starlight Rooftop on the 17th or so floor ballroom which used to be New York's most popular supper club during the 30's.

To discover your own time warp in the Waldorf follow the marked off floor numbers listed on the elevator and hotel directory. If you get yelled at by security like I did say sorry and then move on to your next floor or location - try not to wear heels as they echo on the 3rd floor upon the tiled Silver Corridor.