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Wadi Rum Visitor Center

Wadi Rum–The Valley of the Moon
I visited Wadi Rum on the way to Petra–a perfect detour. The landscape feels like that of another planet. Petroglyphs can be found all over, proof of human travel through this area for thousands of years.

Wadi Rum through the eyes of a local
Mohammed was our radiant guide for Wadi Rum for the afternoon. You could tell he truly loved the desert, and he was proud to be a Bedouin. I wish I'd stayed longer, had one more cup of tea with him, heard one more story, asked one more question.

riding a camel
you got to do the camel trek on Wadi Rum is awesome experience and pay attention on Petra how the Bedouins ride their camel

it is the best way

Bedouin Camp
Wadi Rum, where T.E. Lawrence was during the Arab Revolt of 1917-18.